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About Elijah Bisbee

I create music because I have to. It’s as if my heart and soul know nothing else. I find fulfillment in my work through honest expression and creative freedom. And success, well, that comes from you. I enjoy hearing stories about how my music has fit seamlessly into someone’s life; that the notes I played reflected how they were feeling and made their lives more tangible and real.

The idea of supplementing someone's life is both extremely rewarding and humbling.

As a supporter, you will receive the musical content that I hope will spark those seamless experiences. The more you support, the more content you receive, and the more chances I have to supplement your everyday life. Regardless of your level of support, I will be unendingly grateful for your confidence in my creativity and aspirations.

My wife and I also run Terra Ohio City - a community organization that helps Cleveland musicians hone their craft. We host monthly concerts with some of the finest musicians the Cleveland area has to offer. 
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