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My sincerest thanks for making a HUGE difference in my life. I offer you my thanks for your kindness.
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I'd be happy to give you a 15 minute lesson in Torah on any subject or book you'd like to learn! You may also use the 15 minutes to discuss life and your spiritual growth. Lessons are given on Skype with webcam for a fully interactive lesson! Lesson must be claimed during the month in order to obtain the benefit and will not be transferred to another month.

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I'd be happy to give you a 60 minute Lesson in Torah on any subject or book you'd like to learn! You may also use the 60 minutes to discuss life and your spiritual growth. Lessons are given on Skype with webcam for a fully interactive lesson!  Lesson must be claimed during the month in order to obtain the benefit and will not be transferred to another month. 

About Eliyahu Shear

Shalom Friends!

I've joined Patreon in order to further my goals of teaching Torah and spirituality. I love teaching and sharing Torah and I hope I will never have to leave this path due to a lack of funds. I run a Torah website, a website related to Aliyah (immigrating to Israel) and an online store (which is mostly run by my wife). I love working in photography and I am also a Sofer (a scribe for Jewish ritual documents.) Let me share a little about myself below for you to get to know me a little better. I hope you'll join me on my journey in life and be a partner and a friend with me throughout my life. I guess friendship is two-way, and so your offering your friendship to me in this way means I have the opportunity to be a friend to you too.

My Approach to Teaching Torah

My approach to teaching is focused on the text itself, giving readers and listeners the opportunity to see and hear the original classical words themselves. My approach is to take on the beauty of spirituality and make it a reality in the lives of those whom I come into contact with! I mean this for everyone! At its root level - Torah is about the soul. Its teachings can reach out to all even though they may not practise every part of it!

Everyone feels their soul at some time in their lives, and when that happens and one realises one is so much more than a material body, one wonders about life and its purpose. I am grateful to have come into contact with my fellow Jew who has found himself/herself and found the Torah's teachings help them to grow as they need to. And I'm grateful to have been in touch with those who though not Jewish - found their souls and realised they needed to search further in growing throughout their lives. Some have even converted to Judaism! But that was never the main goal. The goal was to help and direct them to finding how they fit in just as they are themselves and know how to be in touch with their true inner spark and bring it to fruition. I really love helping others who want to grow and those who believe that we're here to help each other and increase in kindness towards each other in the best way that we can with the talents and resources we have.

Patreon and Me - and You

Patreon really gives one the opportunity to say, " Yes, I am one of those people who cares! I'm not here to judge you, criticise you, or to find fault in you. I'm here to help you!" And it's not just those who support the creators on Patreon who give, it is those who are supported too - who even end up giving more. The relationships created between us mean we connect and share in each others lives. In my own life, it has amazed me to see just how caring some people can be as they choose to become a part of my team! Someone from thousands of miles away who has never even met me will come through and say,  "I am here to help you!" And perhaps one day - I'll be there to help them too! I am in awe and appreciation to these people and the difference they make to my life. I would literally not be able to go on this journey without them! I only wonder constantly - how can I help you back?!

My Journey to Become a Sofer...

I'm hoping to share more of my story in becoming a Sofer (Jewish scribe) in my posts on Patreon too! (See below). I am also inviting potential patrons to help me continue my Sofrut studies. While I am a qualified Sofer - there's still so much to learn and I want to grow even more!

My Websites and Stories I've Shared Online

Having spent years developing numerous blogs including Dwelling Place BelowWelcoming Olim sharing hundreds of blog posts, as well as my main website LovingKindness and another website - Everything Aliyah - aimed at assisting new immigrants to Israel (Olim Chadashim), I felt a great sense of appreciation to this platform of Patreon for giving me the opportunity to offer the knowledge I have gained, to those who will appreciate it by offering a payment and supporting me on this beautiful path in life.

I'm now looking to find friends (patrons) - who will really become a part of my "family" and who will support me in my teaching. I have a  YouTube channel - and I really encourage you to subscribe which would also help me tremendously! I'd like to offer more teaching on it, but not having the time and resources to spend time teaching and preparing the videos has made it difficult for me to do more!

I'm also an  author - and I hope this platform will give me yet another way of marketing and sharing the things I write! I've written one Torah book. I've also written a book for kids all about a turtle who is lost and finds his way to freedom thanks to the help of a kind couple! This book has been translated into Hebrew too!

While I do not yet own my own home - a dream I hope I'll be able to actualise with your help - those who help me can really say that they are taking a part in building that apartment brick by brick!

As a patron, you take a real share in the Torah and spirituality I teach, because you give me the opportunity to study further and be able to share more. Together we gain. As always, I am just an email away - or even just a Skype call away - giving all those who support me the opportunity to interact live. Honestly - I would be delighted to chat on Skype and meet new friends who'd like to understand more about what I am doing - and how perhaps I can even help you too! 

We are all growing through the process of life and sometimes we need to be able to brainstorm how to get through so many challenges we face. This is what my Patreon page is really all about. It's about connecting with you on a one-on-one level. It's not just a one-way thing - but rather, an opportunity to grow with each other. 

All these opportunities mean that readers and listeners have the good fortune of tailoring their own needs to a one-on-one level - the best there is!

My Photography

I'm also a photographer! I love the creative opportunities it gives me! A certain sense of freedom and a glimpse into the other - while they enjoy being themselves! I love designing slideshows (and really using all my graphic artistic abilities) in bringing happiness and a smile to others! I'd love to be able to do more of this - but lack the funding for the needed equipment (and constant upgrades!)

I love combining my Torah with my photography and revealing a beautiful side to the spiritual way life! I'm also considering using this platform to share some of my photography too - but let's see how it all goes!

A Torah Centre - and More!

What are my ultimate goals? I hope to be able to increase funding on this site to start my own Torah centre. It's a process - and I guess I have to be able to settle down in my own home too to make this a reality - so there's a long way to go. I think that my biggest wish right now is to be able to own my own home - put all my things down into one place once and for all - without having to think about moving yet again!

But back to my centre... I think that there are so many searching for the spirituality inside Judaism and in life itself! I want a centre which shares the hidden beauty of life as much as the revealed... for those working through their inner beauty too.

My Goals - and How Your Patronage Will Help Me

Short term goals include being able to obtain the necessary audio and visual equipment (hardware and software) needed to broadcasting myself better, and continuing my studies in Sofrut (Jewish scribal work in writing Mezuzot, Tefillin, Sifrei Torah and all the parts involved in checking the Kashrut standards of these various texts.) Of course, the more patrons - and the more who value the work I do and the teachings I teach - the faster I will be able to settle down into my own path in life.

That means - your support really assists me to take care of myself and in an honourable, respectable way too.

Thank You!

I really thank you for taking a part in being a patron to me and supporting my activities. It means a great deal to me - and I really appreciate it! I really cannot express my thanks to all those who have assisted me along my journey in life! Thank you!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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