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Name's Eliyora. I've been posting content to YouTube and deviantart for a few years, but now I'm trying to earn some form of sustainable income off of the work I do. I've mostly gained notoriety for being the brony analyst pyro (in or out of TF2), but I've been attempting moving on to do other content as well, including Pokemon, mythology, and countdowns. I like to overthink things and say what's on my mind, whether I'm right or not.

You support is tremendously appreciated. I want to do more to provide everyone the best content I can, and even a single dollar pushes towards that goal. I thank everyone who supports me very much, and I love you guys just for even looking at my page and considering. =3

What I currently make:

Thoughts on Videos
These will be uploaded at indeterminable intervals, as I will only be able to produce these as topics occur to me. This is basically me putting my thoughts and experiences out into the world to try to share a point of view that will hopefully give viewers some food for thought.

Pony-based shorts
I still create pony content. It tends to center around my persona/character of Eliyora. These shorts will either depict day to day life for her, or larger projects will delve into heavier subject like a person's psyche, how they view themselves, and conflicts that need overcoming.

What I will return to:

Top Six Countdowns
Simply put, I miss making these. It was fun to list out how things rank in my head and why. I still have a number of lists sitting in wait, so these will be making a return. I just don't know when yet.

This is another thing I miss doing. I don't believe I will return to reviewing pony content, but I liked looking over and analyzing things in general. I still do it just by watching shows, so I will be returning to making reviews once I have a few written out.

I am going to go back to livestreams as interacting with my viewers is one of my joys. I will be editing, making artwork, or playing video games. Art and editing are the most likely as streaming also helps me concentrate. I also intend to connect my Twitch account to my patreon, so look out for updates regarding that.

What I am considering returning to:

I like to sing. I genuinely do. I liked singing the covers that are on my channel. Unfortunately, I get so scared when I am about to record my singing that I will freeze up. It is incredibly difficult for me to record my singing, so I am unsure if I will return to making these regularly. I do know there are at least two songs I really want to cover, but that's about it as things stand.

What I am considering for the future:

I have said many times that I want to do a mythology series, and that still stands. However, it has proven incredibly difficult, much more so than I expected it to be, to get my legs under me for getting this started. I am continuing to try, but this time I am playing it smart and not promising it. I just want it known that I am considering it and seeing if it's realistic.

Original series featuring original characters and world
This one is less of a consideration and more of needing a lot more work and time. This particular project would require help from others as it is so large that it would take me a great number of years to produce on my own. As such, I am completely unwilling to divulge details of it just yet. Such would only be revealed to anyone who would work on the project.

I want to be smarter about how I handle my patreon than I have been in the past. As such, I will be careful with my promises and pledge fulfillment, and I will not promise that which I cannot supply as I have made the mistake of doing in the past. To those who will support me, I truly do appreciate your confidence and I will do my utmost to live up to your hopes. Creating content is genuinely something I enjoy, and having support on the endeavor does mean a lot to me.

Again, thank you so much for the support!!

$25 of $100 per videos
Better equipment means better work, plus I would like to contribute to the household rather than mooch of my fiance all the time...
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts

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