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Tough Love at Mystic Bay is a novel that I have been writing since November, 2015. At age 14, Grace is kidnapped by 2 men in the middle of the night and taken to a behavior modification facility in Northern Minnesota. After she attempts to escape, she is sent to a facility in the Dominican Republic where students are kept in dog cages, deprived of food and subject to brutal physical assaults. The story weaves together her perspective as an adult dealing with the long-term effects of this experience with her perspective as a teenage girl surviving in a dark, surreal and violent world. As an adult, Grace is a brilliant chef who only has time for work and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Her only friends are on an internet forum for survivors of behavior modification programs. Though she longs for friendship, she struggles to trust the people in her life. This novel is about her struggle to unlearn harsh lessons and rediscover friendship. The novel is over 300 pages long and is about 65% finished. 

I am a talented writer with many great works of literature to offer the world. The only thing standing between me and success is time. Fortunately, you can buy time for me! Get in on the ground floor now and when my books become bestsellers, you will have a charming anecdote to share at dinner parties, not to mention the noble designation as patron of the literary arts!
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