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About ellejohara

My name is Astrid Lydia Johannsen, known as ellejohara on the internets. I write and draw a comic called Threads from the Blue Rock Tapestry. I'm also an illustrator, and sometimes I make videos for my YouTube channel. Some of my extracurricular interests include vintage computers, music composition, mixology, cycling, and yoga.

🎨 Illustration : http://ellejohara.com
💬 Webcomic : http://ellejohara.com/threads
⭐️ Mastodon: https://mastodon.art/@ellejohara
📷 Photos : http://instagram.com/ellejohara
📹 Videos : http://youtube.com/ellejohara

Threads from the Blue Rock Tapestry is an urban fantasy comic I publish every Monday at my website. is a story about four flatmates, Jo, Aziza, Gabor, and Madeline, and their realization that the world they live in isn't the only one out there. The setting is Isifni, a modest cosmopolis in the southern Zagros mountains of Persia, crossroads not only between East and West, but between the mundane and the magical as well.

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Become a patron for access to my Patreon blog. There are two tiers to choose from. A $1 tier which includes news and announcements of future projects, my sketchbook, and access to my patrons-only Discord chat server, and a $5 tier which, in addition to all that, includes works in progress and art tutorials, art suggestion polls, and supporter credit in future YouTube videos.

Tune in to my channel on Picarto for art livestreams. I try and stream at least twice a week.
Thank you so much for choosing to be my patron! Your assistance helps me make more neat stuff for you all to enjoy.

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