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About Elle Pastelle

Hello everyone and welcome to my Patreon! I am a Twitch streamer who is obsessed with all things gaming, anime, and art.  I have recently transitioned into full time streaming and finally have the time to interact with you guys even more.  With your monthly support, I will be able to bring you more cosplay, higher quality streams, and maybe buy a robot body because you should know your girl is broken af. (Halp)

As thanks, I would like to offer you guys a variety of rewards ranging from cosplay votes to signed prints and digital albums.  Cosplay of the month will change monthly so be sure to check the Patreon feed and social media to stay up to date on your favorites! Each reward will be processed at the end of the month when payment is received. 
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Just a small egg trying to survive school and bills and an expensive af hobby. If we can reach this goal I will giveaway a free extra print or old cosplay album
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