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About ellie swisher

Hello! I’m Ellie, an independent musician making electro-pop music. Thank you for coming to my Patreon page!

If you’re unfamiliar with Patreon, it's a platform dedicated to helping people support their favorite artists directly by becoming patrons and pledging whatever amount they choose to give per month. And for doing so they receive exclusive content! It's also a great way to involve supporters in the creative process and create a community for the artists to bounce ideas off of.

Since I’m unsigned, all of of my expenses for creating content have been coming out of my own pocket. It takes a while to save up to make new music! So now with Patreon, it’s sort of like YOU are my record label.

I’ve got some ambitious plans coming up and every cent you pledge will go towards making them happen. With you, I can take my projects to the next level and devote much more time to creating them. Everything I earn from your support will help me create new music, better videos, and more content for you. 

Some of the things you can expect to receive from me here on Patreon are unreleased original demos, exclusive covers, behind the scenes content, blog postsfree downloads, and whatever other fun things come along with time. I'll be keeping you in the loop with all the happenings here and I'll be stopping in frequently to chat with you on my community page!

Should you decide you want to, whatever you pledge is helpful. Even if it seems like a small thing to you, I promise it’s huge for me. If you can't pledge right now, just watching my videos and streaming my music helps more than you realize. I can't thank you enough.

I could sit here and type for days about how much I love and appreciate all of you, but you’ve probably got things to do. Still, your support is an incredible honor and I am so grateful for it.

See you soon.

- El

You’re bound to still have some questions so here’s an FAQ!

Do I have to pay in US Dollars?
Nope! The website shows everything in US Dollars, but you can actually use any currency and it will be automatically converted!

Can I pledge somewhere in-between?
Yes! You can pledge whatever amount you’d like when you sign up, but only by reaching the value at the different levels will you unlock that level's content. (ie: you can pledge $3 and receive the $1 level content.)

Can I stop pledging in the future?
Absolutely. You can cancel or adjust your pledge amount for any reason at any time.

When will my pledge be taken?
Pledges are taken automatically at the beginning of each month.

What if I want to give more than the maximum?
Well, friend, then you are an angel. You can write in whatever amount you’d like when you sign up. And then I give you internet kisses.

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