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About Ellingson

Hi. I make my living as an illustrator and artist. It's all I do, so in order to pay my living expenses I really have to hustle to keep paying work coming in. However, the ideas don't stop happening while I'm waiting for invoices to be filled. I make A LOT of things, and I want to keep making a lot of things that you love, not just things that pay my bills.

Maybe you've seen some of my pins, buttons, and patches. Maybe you own one of my art prints and want to see more art like that! Well, please consider becoming a patron here on Patreon. You'll be supporting me to be a working artist and that's all I've ever wanted to do. Just like Kickstarter, there are PERKS! 

You can pledge any amount you want. Regardless, I completely appreciate your support. Please stay tuned!

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Seriously, if I get $500, I'll be able to spend a significant amount of my month making interesting and weird stuff FOR YOU!
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