Elliot Grant

is creating lgbtq+ art and home aesthetics
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Do you have a couple bucks to spend? Consider spending them on a monthly-or-more-often-depending-how-I-feel update of sketches and concepts!! Thank you

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Do you have 10 bucks to spend? Consider spending it on sketches and concepts from me, plus higher-res copies of any finished work I've posted!

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Spending money burning a hole in your pocket? For 50 dollars, I will send you a fiber project--sewing, knitting, etc--in the mail with care suggestions. I encourage you to post pictures of how you decide how to put it up! 

If you are outside of Canada I may need to ask you to pay for part of shipping; thank you for understanding




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About Elliot Grant

Hi all,
I'm Elliot, and I make patterns, illustrate, sew, and paint. My art explores the relationship between lgbtq+ identities and nature and society. I live out in East Van with my boyfriend and 3 housemates. I'm working on the upstairs that we live in to create a space that is welcoming, bright, and aesthetically interesting. I am also an avid sewer and pattern maker, but I don't make sewing patterns. I make repeating and seamless print patterns for textiles and beyond. It is something I channel my need for brightness into.

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