'Ello Sunshine

is creating Server Hosting Donation
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per month

The simplest support for the server, to provide funding for the server's monthly payment.

> 'Delicious' title applied in the Discord and In-Game.
> Ability to change your own nickname.

> Access to Patreon Channels on Discord.
> Request special meme events to the staff in-game on SCP:SL.

Includes Discord rewards
Lord of Wealth
per month

Shows your status in wealth and your loving care to support friendly communities. You good Samaritan you.

> All perks of 'Delicious' role.
> 'Lord of Wealth' title applied in the Discord and In-Game.
> Access to private voice chat, with friendly conversations and the true voices of the 'Ello's.
> Ask Sunshine to make memes of your choice every now and then, whether it's image, audio or video.

Includes Discord rewards
Honorary 'Ello
per month

Become a true hero to your community and be an Honorary 'Ello, because you're being too generous to us.


> All perks of 'Lord of Wealth' role.
> 'Honorary 'Ello' title applied in the Discord.
> Customised Role alongside your name, in the format of " 'Ello {name} ".
> Make any kind of special request you'd like for the Discord, In-Game or generally, within good reason of our ability.
> Request Sunshine and Moonlight to add your own song of choices to their soundboards.

Includes Discord rewards



About 'Ello Sunshine

After fun is seen to be banned on some servers, we would like to let the memes flourish within SCP: Secret Laboratory. We've started our own server hosting communities to allow everyone to have a good time!

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/PDND6m4

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