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Hello, everyone, and welcome to my Patreon! My name is Natalie but online you (probably) know me as Elle. And if you don’t know me online, then how did you end up here?

All jokes aside, I’m a comic artist and illustrator. A lot of my influences stem from Japanese anime and manga, along with other online artists and webtoons, and I’m working on a number of personal projects in my own time. Right now, I’m a university student trying to survive life, and while my part-time work and commissions are great, there are so many things that I want to work on and having the extra sustainability to be able to do so would be amazing. After all, I’ve got bills to pay! Of course, pledging isn’t necessary, and I’m blessed that you’ve even looked at my stuff and liked it enough to wander onto my Patreon, but if you do happen to want to donate a little bit each month I really appreciate it.

I want to be able to branch out and create more and more. Especially for you guys. I have a lot of original work that I think you would really enjoy, so if I could provide that for you it would mean so much to me. I know I’m not the most consistent at posting, but when I do I try to make it something that I’m happy with. Supporting my Patreon means you’re also supporting me as a creator, and that makes me want to work harder at being more consistent than ever before.

Anyway, if all that mouth-garbage still hasn’t swayed you, I’m happy to point out all the perks that I’ve set up. Again, it’s completely not an obligation to support and throw money at me, but I did my best to offer rewards that seem fair. I want to offer more, but until I actually am able to do that, this is what I’ve got!

Thanks again, everyone!
Expect more coming soon.

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Whether or not you have a lot, even the smallest but helps!  Everyone's got to start somewhere, after all.  You're part of the community now, and along with having access to the patron-only feed, you'll also get special thanks in any videos or printed comics that I put out in the future.  Patron-only Feed Access:

  • Works in Progress/Sketches
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Becoming a citizen, you get all of the above, plus...
  • Discord Access (That's right! Talk to me! I'm very lonely!!!)
  • Participation in polls!
  • 24-Hour Early Access
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You're moving up the ranks!  Good on ya'.  You get all previously mentioned rewards, and a little extra:

  • Exclusive Tutorials
  • Private Stream Access
  • Free Commission Raffle (1 winner/eligible tier!)
  • 5% off Store Products!
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Whoa!  Mr. & Mrs. Moneybags over here.  Your generosity does not go unnoticed.  Just as a reminder, you do get all previous rewards (Discord Access, Early Bird Posts, Tutorials, Private Live Streams, etc.), but alongside that...

  • 15% commission discount.
  • Store Discounts (5$)!
  • 10% Off Store Products!
  • Postcard Prints!
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Bastards Den
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Yeah you're technically a royal, and you're technically a noble.  But you're also a little scandalous in the Bastard's Den.  First and foremost, welcome.  I hope you're enjoying your time here.  Not only do you get all previous rewards but you absolutely get more!

  • 15% off items!
  • FREE COMMISSION! (digital only, will not be mailed. restrictions apply.)
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Reaching 20 patrons really makes it feel like we're starting a family.  There's nothing better than a sense of community.  You guys are literally helping me stay afloat.  Once we hit this number, I'll start really saving up money so that I can buy better equipment to maker better content for you guys.
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