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-My artwork and maps are free to all.
-You get my thanks and a warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart, knowing that you made this all possible. (Disclaimer: Warm fuzzy feeling not guaranteed.)
per Map or Artwork
-My artwork and maps are free to all.
-You get a spot on the request list, and for each additionally dollar you get another request. This is not a commission or paid-to-order, and there are no guarantees whatsoever, but there is a fairly good chance I will get to at least one thing on your list.




per Map or Artwork


If you don't know my work, you can find samples of it here, here, or just by following my G+. As you can see, I am an artist, and also an avid gamer. I often make portraits, maps, or other drawings for my GMs, and I've been sharing some of these to other gamers in case they're of use to anyone in their own games.

The purpose of this Patreon is two-fold:

What I want: To practice my art skills and improve as an artist while enriching the role-playing community. Also, money.

What you want: RPG resources and art that you don't have the time, energy, overly expensive software, or years of drawing classes required to create.

The Artwork

Everything done for the Patreon is free, under the Attribution/Non-Commercial Creative Commons license. You don't have to become a patron to have access to it. None of this is dependent on whether you patronize my work. Patronage simply exists as a way to support my efforts, which makes it easier for me to keep producing art. This also means you can feel free to pledge whatever amount you want, and not be restricted by the pledge levels listed. You can donate half a cent per artwork, and I will be grateful, although the accountants at Patreon will probably get pretty cross.

The Patronage

The goal is to produce 2-3 pieces of artwork per week, with more or less depending on how busy I am and other factors. You only get charged when I release a map or piece of artwork, so even if I wind up producing nothing one month, your wallet will be none the worse off for your patronage. You can also cap how much you're willing to spend on your patronage per month, so even if I go overboard in a burst of artistic excess, you won't bankrupt your budget.

I also intend to have a request list polled from my patrons. Those who give at least one dollar per artwork get to make a request every month, and every additional dollar allows for an additional request. I want to stress that this is not a commission (which are much more expensive), and there is no guarantee that the picture will be exactly what you wanted, or that I'll even get to it at all. But I do intend to try to draw from the request list as often as I can.

If you pledge under $1 in a month, it will accumulate month-to-month until it reaches $1, at which point you will be charged.

$6 of $30 per Map or Artwork
If we reach this amount, whenever I publish  adventurers and monsters, I will also format them onto sheets to be used as paper minis, in the style of Rich Burlew's "A Monster for Every Season" or Kingmaker's Paper Mini cutouts. Some printing and assembly required.
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