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About Elmjoy Productions Ltd

Who are we?

We are two guys from the East of England who are passionate about Films, Sci-Fi, Games & Comics.
We are also the creators of the Insolitus Eventus science fiction film and associated universe this includes the Evie Bowman spin off characters and world.

What will my money help produce?

The Evie Bowman Book series
The Evie Bowman Adventures video games

Who is Evie Bowman?

Evie Bowman has had a rough start in life. With the loss of her family, and living a life of crime just to survive, she has forged a unique set of skills. After a failed theft, her path crosses with that of a mysterious agent from D.A.I.T. who offers her an opportunity to put her skills to a better use, and save Europe from destruction at the hands of the evil SKARAB syndicate. But, to do this, Evie Bowman must become an agent of D.A.I.T.

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