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About Ellie Paik

Hi! My name is Kevin Kang. You can say I'm kind of Ellie's manager or agent or something. In reality, I'm just a friend who really believe in what she does. Ellie is a church planter, blogger, and artist who aspires to help people become more integrated with the world around them and learn what it means to be more fully human. She does this by putting together creative content for the world to enjoy and ultimately be challenged. Oh, and did I mention she's also on full time staff at Disciples NYC, a church plant in New York? Yes, she's busy as hell right out of grad school.

I strongly believe now's the time for her to walk into the next chapter of her public career. Church plants are broke, so she doesn't receive a direct salary. She either needs to pick up a second full time job or fund raise and find supporters on her own. The former prevents her from creating content, so I think we'll go with the latter. This Patreon page was created to support the work she does and to enable her to pursue this work full time. If you have been benefiting from her content or just simply believe in what she does, I invite you to walk this journey with us so she can take her work to the next level and bless the world with her talents!
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