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About Elsa Esmeralda Hedberg

Hi friend! I am Elsa, an independent musician, artist and designer, working as a vocalist for other musicians under the name Elsa Esmeralda, releasing my own electronic pop music as Elsiope and running a small sustainable jewellery brand called Elsa Hedberg Atelier
Yes, it is a lot of projects, and I do love working, as I'm passionate about bringing all kinds of beauty and cleverness into the world.
The tricky part is, most of these projects I do for free i.e. out of my own pocket. I have day jobs to make ends meet. Those jobs take up a big chunk of my time. In short, they often keep me from doing what I do best, which is singing, writing, spreading knowledge and making beautiful things.

What a shame, you think, Elsa should be able to pursue her artistic work all of the time. But there's great news: you can HELP ME make the world a more beautiful and soulful place! I really would be greatly honoured and most pleased if you would contribute to my ongoing work and development as an artist - whatever you feel it's worth to keep me going. I promise I will make it worth your while.

Here are just some of my dream projects that you would be making possible:
  • The writing, producing, recording, mixing and mastering of a full length music album (some parts I will do myself, some parts I will have to hire people for)
  • The making of amazing videos for the songs on said album (expensive)
  • The start of my podcast for creatives and culture lovers (Hurrah!)
  • A new ethically and environmentally sustainable jewellery collection 
  • The making of a series of masks inspired by sci-fi and handicraft
  • The making of a series of art objects inspired by anxiety issues
  • Me going to an actual hairstylist instead of cutting my own hair (poorly) 
  • Me being able to treat my boyfriend to dinner at a RESTAURANT 

Here's how Patreon works:
Because artists in the modern world are in competition on a big digital arena where most things are given away for free - and because independent artists who want to do something original often need to exist outside of major record labels/ mass-production/ famous galleries - crowdfunding is the new way to facilitate your favourite artist getting something that resembles an actual salary for their full-time artistic work.
  1. You sign up to Patreon and decide on a donation per month that goes more or less directly to the artist you choose (me for example). You can pitch in as little as $5/month if you don't have a lot, or go bigger if you have more to give. For me, it's a huge honour either way because it means that there is someone out there who believes in me. Of course you can cancel your donations whenever you feel like it.
  2. The collected donations give me a monthly pay which means I can develop my creative practice! I could also afford to involve other great musicians and artists and make amazing collaborations - meaning that in the long run you are helping more than one person! 
So - help me make the world a better place. It will most probably make us all happy!

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