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About elisa

                                               .  ˚ .  ✺  ˚ .   . ˚  ˚  *  .  
                                    ✺  ˚ ✧               ✧  ✺  ˚

Hi! My name is Elisa and I'm in love with all things writing.

I write fictionpoetry, non-fiction, and sometimes fic, but I also love film & photography, as well as design (I've done volunteer layout work + website design for magazines like Kerosene and Ascend).

As a Xicana artist, I'm most interested in themes of magical realism, mystery, LGBT romance, self-love, decolonization, lived trauma, and revolution. I'm entirely committed to telling stories where LGBT people—namely LGBT Mexicans—are allowed to exist in spaces the mainstream often keeps us from.

I'm 19 years old and currently studying English & Literature as an undergrad. My work has previously appeared in magazines and journals such as TRACK//FOUR, Cosmonauts Avenue, The Blueshift Journal, and more. I'm a designated California Arts Scholar, a 2017 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards National Silver Medalist, and a Best New Poets, Best of the Net, and Pushcart Prize nominee.

Despite the accolades, I'm not paid for any of the art I create. Patreon is a place for people who have the means to pledge a small monthly sum to me in order to gain access to what I'm making, editing, and/or revisiting each week. 

At any given moment, I'm working towards bringing something new to life. I have a number of projects and works in progress that I share here. Among them: screenplays about Mexican ghosts, murder mysteries set in southern California, nonfiction chapbooks, new & old poetry, reading recommendations, and more.

Depending on the amount you pledge, you will receive weekly chapters, updates, excerpts, links, and/or blueprints as these projects and works in progress evolve and I embark on new creative journeys.

Beyond that, I'd like to develop an intimate artistic community here where I can share work, receive feedback or requests from those who'd like to offer it, and discuss writing with people who enjoy what I create.

Other ways to support me & my art:

If you're considering supporting me and my work, I want to thank you profusely. It seriously means the universe to me & really validates my craft. I'm honored that anyone believes in me or my art enough to pledge money.

If you're unable to offer support yourself, that's more than okay! Thank you for your time and consideration! ♡
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Once hit, I will release an exclusive Patron-only chapbook into the wild for all of you, filled with fragments and poems and excerpts that I love.

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