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- I take you Behind The Writings with intimate video shares + readings. 
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I created Around The Campfire Gatherings to help women infuse SelfLove into their lives. Inspired by New Moon ceremonies where women gather around a campfire and heart speak, this is a safe space to Be You. Each month, you can enjoy a 30-minute online retreat in your own time and space. I'm filling these sessions with my most nurturing tips, stories and practices to cleanse, refresh and return to Self. You deserve the space to relax and open up to the inspiration that's thirsting to beam out of you. A little rest + reset is always a good thing. 

What to expect "Around The Campfire":

- Energy Cleanse (release the day + relax)

- Intuitive Card Pull (set intentions + tap divine inspiration)

- Heart  Speak (monthly SelfLoving topic) 

- Passing The Wand - I answer your questions and provide SelfLoving support.  

You also have access to all my Behind the Writings shares. 


PS - I request a shipping address with this reward, because I like to send a handwritten welcome note to every soul that enters the SelfLoving Sisterhood! Your information will be honored and  only used for this purpose. 



About Elyse Hughes

#DoYou Tribe

Welcome to the inner sanctum of SelfLove ~ a cozy, intimate corner where we can release our worries to the sky and come together in celebration of who we are. I post Behind The Writing (BTW) vids, never-before-shared musings, and host "Around The Campfire" monthly retreats.

I take you Behind The Writings (BTW) ~ the raw, real-deal underbelly of what goes into my micro blogs and upcoming books. 

The beautiful thing about all writing is it infuses with your own experience. And when you read my writings, they become everything I intended and more than I could ever imagine. My intention is to #DoMe, all-out, and in doing so, maybe, just maybe, you will feel a teensy bit inspired to:
  • #DoYou, all-out . . . and Feel better about Who You Are, as you are, right now. 
My "rewards" make you an active contributor in my creative process. Everything I earn here funnels into self-publishing my writings, making inspirational resources (like those you find here), promoting my work and living my creative dream as a full-time writer.  

You Help My Dream Come Alive

After over two decades of pushing aside the 1 Thing I love most and comes the easiest, I am aching to give my gift and ride the wave to wherever it leads. You make living my dream an ever-solidifying reality, because your support feeds all the investments made to bring my writings into form including: 
  • book cover design 
  • formatting
  • tech upgrades
  • signed copies 
  • top notch swag for the #DoYou Tribe

Your pledge supports my deepest desire: Being a working writer with a beautiful quality of life, creating fluidly and giving exponentially.

The support I receive from you here on Patreon, empowers me to self-publish my work and spread the word. Creative writings that currently live on my Micro Blog at ElyseHughes.com can be offered as collections both in paperback and electronic format on worldwide platforms like Amazon. I always have a book (I'm working on my 1st right now called Trying To Make It) or collection in the works (like Come Out And Play | Musings From The Micro Blog 1.0), so any contribution moves the needle forward with putting my writings in people's palms. 

I Appreciate You. lotsa love ~ e

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Come Out & Play | Musings From The Micro Blog 1.0

A phone that's been dead for five years sounds in the middle of the night. Pennies start appearing on the sidewalk. Reality is spun to weave dreams. A girl with a MacBook Pro and a cat ignites a Solo Revolution by letting her spirit Come Out & Play. Musings From The Micro Blog 1.0 is a wildly creative, fun and fluid soulburst of writings that touch the part of us that aches to transcend the sadness and angst of endless striving . . . and be free within ourselves again. 

Remaining Self-Publishing Costs

$350 | Formatting
$130 | ISBN (barcode)
$200 | Signed Copies & Tees (promotional materials)

About The Book

I started the Micro Blog as a free-flow channel for my writings. It's rapidly grown into a hub of eclectic storytelling that amplifies the emotion of micro moments, acknowledges mundane miracles and tells a story of SelfLove in all its forms. As a believer in synchronicity, my heart winked when I reached 99 micro blogs. 999 happens to be an angel number that nudged me to commit to my life's work. It's an urgent call to get to work on your life's purpose! The 99 micro blogs comprising this collection time stamp my transition into fully living my dream, beginning to write my first book, navigating self-doubts and stumblings as a creativepreneur and seeing beyond circumstances to keep creating. These writings are emotional, vivid, raw and endearing. My intention is to wrap the magic of these stories into a fun, inspiring, easy-to-read, creatively designed book that energizes readers to celebrate who they are and invite their spirit to Come Out & Play. 
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