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About Darnelle Radford

Since 2009, it has been our goal to shine a light on the artists who wear multiple hats and pour over scripts to explore the history of great written work to present a dynamic interpretation of live art to the public, quite often on a small budget. Exploring the process can be the most important piece of the puzzle that not many get the opportunity to experience. At Rep Radio, our goal is to take you be hind the scenes to explore the work and it's process. A preview of what's to come allows are listeners to walk in with a backstory and completely give themselves to live theatre. Our team contributes their time to bring this perspective to light and your support will ensure that their time is both appreciated and not wasted. Supporting REP RADIO helps us to handle the administrative costs of field recording, editing, hosting and marketing of our episodes. Have travel expenses as well that often come out of our own pockets. Please consider supporting us so we can continue to break the forth wall to give you an inside look at the plays and the players! Now, an Em3ry Production.
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Currently, it costs $6,000 annually to handle the administrative back end of REP RADIO. With a volunteer staff, our expenses include, annual site hosting, editing, device maintenance and upgrades, file storage and travel fees.
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