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is creating Tarot, Multi Media Art, Glass Painting,Drag Diva, Drag King
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About Embalmed Apple

Welcome Imps, I'm G. Antra, a self taught glass painter, multimedia artist, and drag performer. I'm always in a flux of progress, so welcome aboard this ride! 

At the present I am creating the Tarot Of Perception deck with the goal of a 2023/2024 publishing.

I am also continuation my work on my painted glass series showcasing inspirations along my journey to who I am as an individual, painter, and performer. Many of my pieces also contain an occult theme. Stained glass, and painted glass hold visions of cathedrals in most minds. Growing up I enjoyed the beauty of these stunning windows. Applying that aesthetic to a pagan theme is very close to my heart as a practicing occultist.  I am always open to discuss custom pieces. Have and idea? Don't be shy; give me a shout.

As a drag performer I perform as both a Diva, and a King. Each have their own sordid pasts.

Bubonic Rose was the love child of a traveling clown, and a succubus. She learned the art of makeup early in life from her father, but after getting lost in the mall at age 5 was adopted by a pack of feral cats. She learned to dance for her dinner (mostly expired mall Karmel corn, and pretzels) until one day she slipped on a circus peanut, and woke up in purgatory. How we met is a funny story. You see... one night I met her while playing with what I later found out was her Ouija board. Being a wily creature she befriended me, and struck a deal over some tasty mead. She haunts back alleys, and has been known to cavort with the creatures under your bed, and in your closet. Monthly she appears in the midst of The Twisted Sisters at Pride Bar&Lounge in New Albany, IN. She is also the hostess of Avant Macabre Storytime, a YouTube series showcasing literature of the horror/dark sci-fi/occult variety.

Dre Ackula was the spawn of a cocktail waitress, and a lonely demon. They passed like ghost ships in the night leaving Dre as her only memory of their love. Becoming a hermit to shield Dre from a world she felt would never accept his special abilities she descended into madness. When she passed Dre found a home with a traveling carnival. Some say he could see your soul with his dead eye. Life was good for ol' Dre till one fateful night he trip into a ditch stumbling back to his wagon from the bar, and woke up in hell; learning it wasn't drug and madness induced ramblings that his daddy was in fact a demon.
I first met Dre Ackula via an accidental blind date on my spirit board one lonely night after drinking too much vodka; I really should learn not to drink and divine. Sometimes on a blood moon, or a random weekend, he possesses me to taste life. Now Dre ain't really looking for trouble. He's just your average good ol' devil next door, looking for someone to dance with in the pale moonlight. There are moans on the wind that he is eyeing appearances with the Twisted Sisters for his mischief.

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