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About Oliver Buckley

Hello Frieeends,
My name is Oliver Buckley, but you can call me Oli. I am a YouTuber and content creator from New England. I run “Embrace The Film” a YouTube channel in which review and discuss both short and feature films, produce film analysis and video essays, and much more. I have been running this channel for over a year now, attempting to keep the content flowing at a steady pace of at least 1 or 2 videos per week, and working to improve it every step of the way.

I love what I do. I love discussing film and creating content for film fans like myself to enjoy. My hope is to keep doing this, so I have decided to try out this platform as a way to allow viewers to show their support for the channel and hopefully begin to turn creating film reviews into the career that I have always wanted. My goal with this channel is not only to provide entertaining content for viewers, but to offer a place where indie film makers can gain exposure for their work that often finds itself overlooked and underappreciated. Ideally I would like to use anything earned from Tipeee to help grow this channel further and help allow me to create content for my viewers full time.

I hope you all enjoy the content I have coming your way. 

Thanks for watching,
- Oli
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