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Hello! I'm Cindy - it's good to meet you. Thanks for considering becoming my Patron.
I'm a queer country musician making songs about good friends and hard times. It's important to me to tell the stories about love, friends, and how we as humans connect to each other and share experience. I believe that folks in this world are mostly good and want to create art that helps us all come together instead of being divided.

Here's the official story of my music:
The Secret Emchy Society plays foot stompin' heart breakin' cowboy songs about good friends and hard times. Frontwoman Cindy Emch has been recently dubbed "the First Lady of Queer Country" by the Huffington Post and listed as one of the "Ten Queer Country Artists Music Fans Should Know" from TheBoot.com.

I write music in the tradition of old country and americana. Honoring the work of artists like Johnny Cash, Leadbelly, and Hazel Dickens. It's raw, emotional, honest, and 100% gritty and real. I'll be using your support to give me some breathing room as an artist to experiment and take more risks. I'll also be using your support and investment to push me to write more songs with the intention of sharing them with you. I plan to share multiple songs, song drafts, performances, etc. monthly and give you a window into my songwriting process and how my bands take these songs and evolve / arrange them.
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You get a free download of new songs (original or cover) when they happen and the warm glowing feeling of knowing you're helping keep the music going!
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We all need a little help from our friends! This level pledges  moolah to help keep me caffeinated and rolling with songwriting / performing / creating / booking music. What you get is access to new songs, blog posts, and the secret inner workings of my Emchy brain.
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You get free downloads of new songs  - PLUS access to the complete Emchy catalog <3 
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Want me to greet people who call you? I'll record a voicemail greeting just for you and send it to you as an mp3. I'll just need to know what you want the greeting to say - and you want it accordion or guitar based.
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This is what I need to make to keep the lights on. I believe that making a living from your passion and art is WAY more sane than working forty plus hours a week to make someone else's dream succeed. With your help we can make it all happen.
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