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About Emery Ruth

Our health is about more than the food we eat and wealth is more than the money in our pockets, but for many of us figuring out how to unlock this level of quality in life often ends up feeling too challenging or confusing to achieve, so we continue living at varying levels below what we'd really prefer. Counting on figuring it out eventually, but wouldn't it be nice if the best parts of "eventually" came sooner than later. 

This is where I come in. 

I am offering myself to you as a resource. A bridge for you to use when trying to seek out information specific to your own wellness needs and the needs of those whom you love. 
I want to teach you how to leverage the power of your own body and your lifestyle to make the best out of this life. Be it through the food you eat, the lifestyle you choose, the job, relationships and creative out lets you nourish yourself with. All of these things count towards your nutrition. I've set this page with the idea that it can act basically as my virtual office (the place you can find all of my posts. Be it blog, video or notable links from others) and a virtual meeting place for us to share information and experiences.

Here I will share the tips, resources and knowledge I've gathered through years of formal education and personal study. As well as the perspectives and considerations that are coming about everyday as it pertains to natural health, wellness and quality of life. I do this in hopes that, it might inspire a new train of thought or remind you of an intuition about feeling better. Or maybe it can help yo to avoid the frustration of "I want to feel better, but don't know where to begin" or "How do I know what to trust". I want it to help allow more time for discovering new and better things and less time just playing catch up on information that has existed for a long time, but isn't always easy to find. I could go on, and I will, just not here. 

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you join me for the future. For as brutal as the world feels right now, there are also a lot of exciting things to consider about how much power we have to influence the quality of life and I'd like to consider those things with you.

 *Please note there is often EXPLICIT language and out of the box thinking involved in the making of these videos and articles. View at your own discretion.
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I would love to be able to improve your viewing experience and offer better quality video and sound than what is currently available via the built in mic in my computer, or head phones with my phone.  Meeting this goal will allow me to invest in a wireless mic system as well as memory card for video to use with my higher quality camera. This will improve the image, sound and my mobility during filming. 
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