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to you deared one, like girls and angels, she is gleamed over by calliope and caressed by aphrodite, the beloved her with her sweet devotion and fondness for things are just as loved as the growth of a child, mind stumbles upon youth's safest corner to hide, imagines, vivid visions. she loved that. still- her words continue, delivered clumsy and her naps will happens just at any second when the aurora graces her skin through the rusty bitter painted lattice window when she weeping-ly yawns.

> " hi! i am emi, eimi is quite an adoring name of mine, too! but! boo is my way to go. i draw with my dear old mouse! he's quite dead, i do know a bit of coding, but- 'would adore to learn more about other things! i am a school drop out myself so a bit- cash, i also live in a poor place--- -so just a dollar makes me feel giddy already! heheh i would love to talk with people too! like ˗ˏˋmy patronsˊˎ˗ ! -because of my horrible memory i have a hard time with language, even my native, but do wish you'd had an even better day penpal! as a reminder i am boo, sweet that i've met ya buddy_
> send spaceship to visit ASCNC17
| https://discord.gg/jGvze4V > investigate unknown identity | https://twitter.com/boo6575 > note edited ; 0͆4͆.0͆9͆ n͆i͆g͆h͆t͆-t͆i͆m͆e͆ ; 5͆:1͆2͆ > note sended ; 0̺4̺.0̺9̺ ✉ c̺o̺d̺e̺ f̺a̺i̺l̺e̺d̺ ; T̺O̺D̺A̺Y̺
> end.
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get a better life?? cool, id love that :>] maybe i can even buy gifts for my friends and pets too
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