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About Emily Connell

Hi! I'm Emily, and I'm designing knit and crochet designs for adventurous knitters. I'm a textile artist from Baltimore, Maryland, USA, where I reside with my sweet hubby and yarn-adoring cat. 

I've started a Patreon for those who love my patterns to support my growing design business. Thank you for your interest, and I invite you to read on for all the details!

Who am I?
I began designing professionally in 2014, though I had experimented with designing garments for myself and my family for a few years prior to then. Not finding pieces I wanted to wear in stores or in books that were available to me, I picked up my needles and stash yarn and off I went. 

Fast forward to 2018 and I'm publishing on Ravelry (and in some online publications, too). I love sharing my creations with the world, and the reception to each of my patterns amazes me! 

My aesthetic and inspiration
I'm inspired by the slow fashion movement, sustainable living, and music. (Quite a combo, I know!)  I design with the intention of creating timeless, wearable pieces that you will enjoy for years to come. I like to balance what's 'trending' with looks that will last more than one season, so that you can enjoy your handmade garments for as long as you want.

I draw on inspiration from music (see my Amplify collection for more on this) currently, and I'm expanding this concept into a spring collection of crochet patterns.

My design aesthetic is a combination of sophisticated, elegant, and fun. You'll find a mix of new techniques, classic stitches, and unique shapes and construction in each of my patterns.

My Goal in Designing 
Quality products are my goal and I strive to produce patterns that give you, the crafter, the best experience possible.

I aim to create designs that will:

  • grow your skills and confidence as a crafter, 
  • teach you more about your craft, and
  • give you a beautiful, functional, wearable piece of art.

Why should you support me? 
Supporting artists gives us the chance to focus on our work. Specifically, supporting me as a designer will allow me to give my attention to designing--and to designing more of what you love--so I can worry less about money and worry more about designs! Releasing more beautiful patterns for you to knit or crochet is my goal! If you decide to support me, not only will you have my gratitude, but you'll also get the benefits listed in each tier (see the sidebar). 

What will your money help me accomplish? 
I've been designing since 2014, and with taking my business to the 'next level' professionally, I've been working with editors, translators, a photographer, test knitters, and more. All of these individuals are integral to ensuring top-quality patterns for you, and my product offerings wouldn't be nearly as good without them. 

Your money will help me accomplish a few things:

First and foremost, it'll make sure that I can cover all of the fees, software subscriptions, and pay my team. 

Second, it'll make sure that my business can continue to provide you with the best possible patterns. I'll be able to focus on design more in worrying less about money, AND I'll be able to design more in general. This means more patterns for YOU!

And third, it'll make sure that my business will survive. Artistic industries are highly competitive, and with knowing that crafters and artists continue to want to see my work (by pledging!), it means that I'll be able to continue to produce new and exciting work for you.

TL;DR: I can do things like make sure my expenses are covered, then take my business to the next-next level (ie, new equipment, new website, more patterns and content for you).

I would love for you to partner with me on this artistic journey. It would mean the world!

Thank you so much for reading this far, and I wish you the happiest of fiber-y adventures, 
$13 of $250 per month
When I reach this goal, I'll host a Q&A video with my patrons! 

Reaching this goal will cover my Ravelry and PayPal fees and a portion of my tech editing and photography fees and software subscriptions.
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