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About Creepy Poetics

I'm Emily, a published writer of novels, short stories, and poetry. I independently published my debut novel, Dove Keeper, on October 10, 2018; all my short stories and poetry are traditionally published. My favorite genres are horror and fantasy, and I'm a basically your spooky goth aunt who's obsessed with birds and bats.

I work as a newsletter editor who writes articles and designs the document in InDesign while also coordinating a writing and editing team. I am also a co-editor for the literary magazine Exhume. I plan to start my own horror/fantasy literary magazine soon. Because of my editing experience, I'm offering to help you make your writing even better! It's my hope that my expertise can be used to uplift others.

As of 2018, I am revamping this page and committing to being a professional writer. I plan to publish one to three novels a year, typically two. I currently have a tentative publishing schedule up to early 2024, and in 2019 I will be publishing in May and October.

For you, I will be posting stories, previews, writing advice, and submission opportunities on the patron feed regularly now that I've built up content.

I am studying in grad school at the moment, and looking ahead, your contributions are deeply appreciated, and I'm focusing my efforts on releasing exciting and exclusive content for you!

My site is

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