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About Emily Holbert

"Come and Be Welcome!"

A singer calls out to the people wandering at the edge of the fire's glow.
A cheerful taven keeper winks and draws a pint from the tap.
Good friends laugh and smile when you appear unexpectedly on their doorstep.

I wrote those few words, "come and be welcome!" down in song over a decade ago, never knowing how far they'd travel or how many new friends they would bring me.  Now, I'm saying them to you again, here in the exciting format that is Patreon. I'm hoping to continue to explore and develop my songwriting, performance techniques, recording skills, and possibly even travel — just like the bards of old.

Whether it's a coin tossed into the hat of a busker, or the commission brought on by a wealthy benefactor, artists have relied upon patrons to enable them to do their works. Your patronage of me here on Patreon is just like that! Direct support for the art and artist, in a venue that allows you to enjoy the music, and to personally be thanked!

Here in my Patreon feed I'll share mp3s and videos, give insight into my songwriting process, maybe even hang out with some fans...  Let's explore it together, shall we?

Even if you can't afford to pledge as a patron, you can still show your support by checking out these other web sites: give a listen or purchase my music on Bandcamp, "like" and "share" on Facebook, or follow my ramblings on Twitter!

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Rise Up Singing
Whether its new blend of tea or a shared event with other bards, these little things sustain me.
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