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About Emily Funkhouser

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for showing interest in my Patreon page by first coming to check it out. I know you won't be disappointed!

For as long as I can remember everything about the film world has been a huge interest of mine. My dad was my initial inspiration for wanting to dive into the business but Lucille Ball was the person that truly showed me it could be possible for me: a middle class female.
Not only was Lucille Ball an iconic actress but she also ran a production company, was a director, producer, and a mother. That assured me that if a woman in the 1950's can do it all, so can I.

Then Youtube came around, which opened a whole new world for video creators everywhere. Though it took me 12 years to actually upload a video on this platform, I did, and within a year I gained 50 subscribers!!! Whoo Hoo! To some that might be a very small victory but for me that is a celebration!!! 50 people every week watch what I make. FIFTY PEOPLE! What?!

If I learned anything in my one year of uploading my videos to Youtube, I have learned that I enjoy every aspect of it: Brain storming ideas, filming said ideas, editing the footage, and releasing it for all the world to see. Then of course, I love feedback! I love hearing what people think and how I can make my videos better and more enjoyable for my audience.

My biggest goal and desire for creating videos is making quality content - Not just pretty footage and pristine editing, because that's something I am still learning - But videos that have a message and a meaning. Videos that inspire people and make people walk away feeling a certain way: happy, giggly, sad, inspired... whatever it may be, I want you to walk away feeling like you didn't waste 2 to 20 minutes of your life. Your time is valuable.

Making videos is not free and it's not always easy. Though I am more than ecstatic to have 50+ subscribers supporting my channel, there is no income from these videos. In fact, it comes at a price: It cost to license the music I use in my videos. All the special graphics you see (like my intro) I have paid other artists to create. Sometimes I have to rent out a space or need to travel to a location to shoot. Even the equipment I use comes at a very high price. Then of course, there is the time it takes to make the content, the time I have to take away from my paid job.

I've started this Patreon as a way to offer some fun extra benefits and to help fund my videos.
By joining my Patreon, you're helping me make the videos I want to at least once a month. If you choose to support, your name will be in every video, you will have a chance to receive exclusive content in your email inbox, as well as pieces from my videos, or even hand written notes and coffee or tea!

Thank you in advance to those who choose to be a Patreon supporter, it truly means the world to me.

3 of 7 patrons
My first goal is to have 7 Patreon supporters join the fam!!!

Once that happens I will start a podcast a team of 4 of us have dreamed of starting!
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