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About Emily Running


Being a dancer and making a decent living don't really go hand in hand all the time. But alas, any other job would just crush my soul, so I prefer to live simply and follow the path my heart takes me on. Plus, I'm good at what I do, because I really love doing it.

Since 2001 my career has been a mish-mash of been performing, choreographing and teaching dance, aerial, Pilates, vinyasa yoga, aerial yoga, Movement for Actors, circus arts, and body language. The common thread in all of these things is movement, which is my personal specialty. So, I'm taking all the projects I'm working on, and turning them into a project of their own!

On this Patreon page I will be:

1) Sharing my current assortment of artistic dance/choreography/performance projects with you.
I'll be sharing everything from my choreographic process to rehearsal videos to performance videos to my own personal movement explorations. I am currently working on a very special project - creating a dance for film. My patrons will see exclusive notes, footage, and descriptions of how it all comes together, including my collaboration with the incredible musician Stephanie Starnes of Crystal Crowns Music.
2) Guiding you through your own exploration in movement.
Over my years of teaching and learning I have developed a long list of games, exercises, quotes, readings, and techniques used to explore movement and the creative process in more depth. As a patron of my page here are some of the things I will guide you through:
  • an exploration of body language - how you present yourself to the world
  • meditation techniques - a magic trick that will help you accomplish anything you want!
  • connecting your mind and body - what do you lead with? your heart, your gut or your brain? we'll investigate!
  • being joyful in your body
  • developing imagination - yes, adults can and should do this too
  • tapping in to your individual expression

  • anyone looking to gain a deeper connection with their body
  • actors looking to develop their physical expressiveness
  • dancers looking to find their unique physical voice
  • you!


But don't take it from me. I reached out to people I have worked with to hear from their perspective what they learned from me and here are some things they said:

"You helped me find the joy and expression of living in a body in a way I had never known before meeting you. You are a truly inspired human and I am better for knowing you."

"You taught me that every movement is a process, and even if I failed, there was value in every attempt. That lesson goes so far beyond yoga and movement, and has been so helpful for Type A stress-ball like me." 

"You seem to have instinct around having people produce content at a level appropriate for them - I think that’s super important... getting to a good edge during the creative process is so helpful"

"As an aerial student of yours I always remember you saying "You gain strength in the struggle" now I quote you to my aerial students all the time!"

"For me what first comes to mind about the dance classes I’ve taken from you is the importance of routine/ritual/repetition. From repetition comes a better understanding. It also helped me make a direct comparison to the other times I was executing the exercises and establish a system to log my growth in the exploration of the technique."

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