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About Me

Hello, my name is Emma!
I love learning about other languages and cultures, eating delicious food, and playing instruments.
Drawing is also something I love to do and have done for most of my life. 
I draw a little bit of everything, but fanart is the most fun for me!

Why I Joined Patreon

I joined Patreon to try to earn a little money for all the traveling I'm doing next year. 

Why You Should Support Me

I would greatly appreciate it if you would support me here on Patreon.
All of the money I get goes to one of two places: My Bills or My Savings for Travel
Every dollar you give helps make my dreams come true!
I'm just starting out on here, but I will do my absolute best to give you everything I can in return for the money you kindly give!
$0 of $100 per month
When we reach $100, I will follow all of my patrons on Instagram and Deviantart; as well as, draw a custom commission for every one of you! <3
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