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Hey! Hi! Hello!

Thanks for stopping by my Patreon campaign. I currently work as an Editorial Assistant for MintPress News (where I work on marketing campaigns, the newsletter and social media, make memes, graphics and videos, tweak things in Wordpress, and even author articles) and Anti-Media (where I run the newsletter and occasionally write news briefs). I am on the board of G3 Group, I previously interned with Abby Martin in 2017 on Empire Files, and I have just begun writing on Steemit. I am also a freelance documentary photographer and an activist.

Most importantly, I am a mom of two young kids. I do all of the aforementioned throughout my day while tackling the usual parenting tasks - driving from here to there, doing laundry, cooking food, keeping people alive, etc. I am absolutely certain that I put in more hours than I clock for any of my jobs but I exist more for the cause of bettering the planet and humanity than I am for making a profit. However, as I just mentioned, I have kids... so I do incur day-to-day costs involved with keeping the three of us alive and healthy.

Some of my favorite things to do include photographing protests, writing about what matters to me most, researching and sharing what I've learned in video form and engaging with others online. These are things that I do not typically get paid for but I willingly do them as they contribute to my goal and they make me happy. I'm here on Patreon to ask for your support so I can continue to do these things and even do them more often. It's hard live an activist lifestyle on an activist paycheck as a parent but, with your help, I can continue to succeed and share more of what I create with the world.

Here is some my recent work that will give you a taste of what I'm working on:
My first Steemit exclusive has clocked early 8,000 views.
This investigative video series is exposing the truth about the US military's use of psychological warfare. I would love to finish this!
I recently photographed a protest during the Super Bowl in Minneapolis and my photos were featured in an article on Heavy.com. At the same protest, I facilitated a livestream that has reached nearly 100k views.
You can view some of what I captured at Standing Rock here.
Here is an example of a video I created that has amassed nearly 50k views.

I have a lot to offer and there is so much work to be done. Thank you so much for your support. :) <3
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