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Welcome, friends!
I'm a soul-pop/rock singer/songwriter/musician, and female entrepreneur in the music industry. I compose, write and record original songs with the purpose of connection, love and empowerment. I've released 120+ music videos on YouTube since 2011, and I make a living as an independent artist thanks to the support of my incredible patrons!

Examples of my work:

Spotify | SoundCloud | iTunes | Google Play | Amazon | BandCamp | YouTube | Instagram

Thank you for being part of this journey with me. Your support means that I can continue to create, perform and share with you - honestly, openly and as authentically as I can.

I'm really excited for this journey!



I work alongside an amazing team that helps me make this great quality content -- video shooting and editing, photography, production, mixing, and mastering. Your support makes it possible for me to work with these talented people, and allows me to focus on making great music for YOU!

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Yearly personalized video messages.
I’ll send you a short message, anything you want! Happy birthday song, surprise shout out to a friend, etc.
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$25/month: Sing with me!

 Perform with me on stage (or online!) 
When I visit your town, join me on stage for a song, or - if singing really isn't your thing - send me a video of what you enjoy doing most - and I'll add it to my next week's YouTube video!
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★ Your name in the scrolling credits at the end of my YouTube videos. ★
I am honored to add your name to the work that you support!!
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★ You'll be included in my creative process! ★
I'll send you rough lyric sheets with accompanying videos, and early mixes from the studio so I can get your feedback.
★ I'll call you personally! ★
I'll give you a call to thank you for your awesome support.
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$750/month: Angel Investor

★ WOW. I'll fly you out for a video shoot! ★
For you completely crazy people who want to support me this much, I'll fly you out once a year to go on-set for a video shoot or day in the studio! Come behind the scenes where the magic happens. :)
★ All previous rewards! ★


16 of 50 patrons
Once 50 patrons have joined the Patreon Super Troop,  I'll release my live album "Real Talk: Live in DC" exclusively to you!!
I'm so excited to begin this journey with a community of 50 die-hard Emma G believers who want to be part of, and support my music career every month!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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