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I am an independent artist who is currently in the process of relocating to Vancouver from Dublin.

I love being an artist, I love having freedom over what I get to research, work with and create. I work hard, rigorously researching topics, collaborating with other disciplines, managing my website, pouring over applications and funding websites, drafting re-drafting and submitting proposals, keeping on top of a mountainous amount of data, while still remaining clued in to what other artists are creating, while also physically creating work, and carrying an art practice.

But being an artist often doesn't pay in proportion to the work you put in. Unfortunately there is also a culture of skirting around this obvious pay gap. This Patreon is me, being completely honest about my earnings as an artist, and a way for me to raise some well needed funds towards my work.

For my last exhibition, I made half of what I spent on the exhibition, and that was an exhibition with a generous artists fee (which is rare). So my part-time job, my artist-fee, my own sporadic earnings, all went into funding the making of the work, and what I sold paid for half of all those expenses.

I'm not complaining, I chose to be an artist, and there are a multitude of reasons why its so hard to make a living by being an artist solely, but I think Patreon is a great way to shake up the current situation. Having a flow of income from Patreon, would give my artistic practice its very own, specific investment, it will give me more freedom to make, create and research, and do what I do best, without having to fit it in around a full-time job that may not be at all related to my practice.

Exhibitions work differently to say a theatre show, or a film screening, where you can rely on ticket sales to at least usually break even.  But for an exhibition, you can't charge for entry so you are left with little control over what you may make, and it is all dependent on sales of work. I know the economical climate may be marginally better for some at the moment, but very few people have the resources to actually invest in emerging artists work, so here is a place you can invest as little, or as much as you want in my work, without having to actually buy a full work.

Here you can donate money which I will use to buy a bag of clay, to pay for a month of my website fee, or if you're extremely generous, you can donate to pay a month of my studio rent. You can even donate as much as a small coffee. Whatever you feel you can, if you are interested in my work and supporting a young emerging artist.

(Patreon works with monthly subscriptions, so if you want to give a once off donation, just go through the motions of being a monthly subscriber, you will get charged for your first month straight away, and then you can cancel the monthly subscription from the confirmation email.) 

This Patreon will be officially launched with my opening in MART in Rathmines, Dublin on 10th of January 2019.

As I (if I) gain members I hope to create rewards and send-outs to give back- so keep me posted about what you would be interested in receiving from me if you donate :)

If you don't know me, and would like to learn more about my work visit www.emmamckeagney.com
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