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Hi Friends,

My name is Emmy. I’m a single mom, trying to bridge art and life while unschooling my children. And I need your help. My boys and I are survivors of domestic violence, there was a significant amount of financial abuse that occurred during that relationship, and I am not recuperating very quickly financially. The boys and I are also still healing from the trauma. It’s a pretty slow process, and I’m finding that my/our vulnerabilities are making it difficult for me to work.

I’m also not wanting to give up on my dream of being an artist and being able to travel with the boys so that we can learn from lived experiences.

That’s where you come in! I am used to living on very tight finances; I can really stretch a dollar. Even a small monthly contribution of $5-$10 from enough people, will be enough to sustain me and my family for the next few years, as we heal and begin ready to re-enter life on life’s terms.

Recently, we drove from Los Angeles to Boston, and for the first time in a very long time I began to make art in my mind, which has always been the very first step in my art making process. I was seeing drawings, taking video stills, collecting memorabilia for embroideries, etc. I also began envisioning a blog of our life journey as well.

I feel so blessed. This year alone, we swam with stingray’s in Miami, lived for three months in the woods of Wester Michigan, heard the ocean waves of the Pacific sing me to sleep while camping with friends in California, Trick-or-treated with my son’s in-laws in Atlanta (yes, my 6 year old is married) and swam in Walden Pond (I’m hoping to ice skate on it soon too!).

Although I want to be grounded in one location. I’m finding myself very drawn to migrating occasionally to be in places familiar to us and see friends and family and learn from the road.

I want to heal, be healed, and heal others in the process by having a blog about our journeys: emotional, physical, and spiritual, creating artwork, and allowing the world to teach my children.
Your support will help me meet my dreams of being an artist and give me the space to heal.

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