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About Emmy Turner

Welcome to my Patreon! I would love to start producing more artwork and head into making art videos on youtube, I invite you to join me on this journey!

Patreons will get exclusive access to sketchbook content, photos of upcoming work in progress, time lapse videos, blog posts, postcards, phone screensavers, stickers, discount codes and much much more!

I will be sharing my process from the start to the finish, you'll get to see first hand how I create a piece of artwork and all the different tools and mediums I use. I predominantly work in coloured pencil and watercolour for most of my final pieces, but i have never shown my full process before now.

Its a chance to get to know me and my process better along with being able to ask questions or for advice. I would love to invite you along on this journey with me.

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I would love to receive 100 patrons! As soon as I reach 100 patrons I'll send out a special print to every patron I have as a Thankyou for all the support. 
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