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Digital Copy of The DADLY Book of Open!
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A digital copy of my Amazon best-selling book on fatherhood - The DADLY Book of Open: How Cultivating Vulnerability Makes You a Stronger, Wiser and More Courageous Father.

The DADLY Book of Open will introduce today’s modern dad to a new comfortable and masculine way of viewing vulnerability. I share my successful journey in discovering how to embrace vulnerability as a sign of strength, courage and wisdom. I provide a road-map to help dads to debunk the traditional definition of vulnerability; experience a deeper connection with himself and other people; and demonstrate how the new definition of vulnerability fuels stronger relationships with his spouse or ex-spouse and his children. My book provides dads with a more mindful, effective and meaningful way to live a masculine life.

Monthly Group Coaching Call
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A group coaching call, limited to 10 people, with me!  I promise to help you form deeper human connections, set and reach your goals and serve others more powerfully.   

You'll always be with the same group of people so you can get to know each other and support each other in creating a different life for yourself, your family and everyone you come into contact with.

We'll work on powerful group exercises together that will help you develop self-awareness, self-mastery and unshakable confidence.  

You'll leave each call with a powerful sense of purpose and clarity.  All you need is an open heart and open mind.



About The Emotionally Excellent Man Show

Okay, here's the deal with who I am and why I’m starting a Patreon account:

My Situation:

I’m Jason MacKenzie, a husband and a dad to two teenager daughters. Yes, that means I need to wake up at 4:30 AM to use the shower.

I started Mental Health Warriors in May of 2017 with one goal in mind. I want to assemble the most complete and diverse set of perspectives on emotional and mental health and well being anywhere on the web. PERIOD.

My first wife Cindy, was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder at the beginning of 2006. She had been sick for a long time before that. 4 years later, in 2010 she took her own life. The only option anyone ever offered Cindy was all kinds of medication, electro-shock therapy and institutionalization. I now know that there are infinite of options available for healing. Every single one of us is unique.

People aren’t broken and in need of fixing. They are hurt and in need of healing.

MHW has a had a great start and has developed an enthusiastic audience. In the past months, I’ve recorded over 50 podcast episodes and the MHW podcast and community has become almost a full-time job (labour of love) for me. I know two things now:

1) I want MHW to go on for a long time. The proof is in. MHW is changing lives. I'm obsessed with talking to and learning from people and teaching you in the process —it's the most fun I've ever had doing anything. This should continue for a long time, in some form or another.

2) I need to make MHW self-sustaining for this to work. The “fund and grow MHW out of my own pocket” is not sustainable. If MHW is going to go on for a long time and to help more and more people, it needs to be self-sustaining.

I’ve receive generous donations from listeners eve and people have been telling me about Patreon so I’m trying it out

The way Patreon works is a listener can donate whatever they want per month and the donation is recurring each month after that. So anything, from $1/month up, is hugely helpful to the cause.

What We'll Use the Money For

My initial goal is $5,000/month. That money will be enough to keep MHW going, indefinitely. Here are MHW’s costs:

  • Hosting. We need a robust enough hosting plan to support the highest spikes in traffic we ever get so we don't crash during those moments and ruin my happiness. 
  • MailChimp. The service we use to email posts out to the subscription list. This fee grows as the email list grows.
  • Ongoing web development. It's a website, so there are always upsetting glitches coming out of nowhere and occasionally, we add a new site feature. Neither of us has any programming skills, so we need to pay someone for this.
  • Facebook post "boosts". When we announce a new post on Facebook, this makes sure that the announcement gets onto 1/3 or 1/2 of our Facebook followers' News Feeds.
  • Me. I need to continue to clothe myself and I’m not going to lie – I am really partial to enjoy a shower with hot water.
  • Editing. In order to produce a professional, incredible podcast I need to hire someone to do a professional, incredible job editing. I’ve been doing it up until now but it takes a lot of time and quite frankly I kind of suck at it. I’m at my best when I am drawing out the best from my guests and sharing it with you.
  • VA. I need to hire a virtual assistant to help with the logistics of the podcast, scheduling guests, organizing the content delivery, advertising etc. This is something else I am just not good at.

That's the basics. With those pieces covered, MHW can support itself and we, together, can change the face of mental and emotional health.  FOREVER!
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Any funding we raise on Patreon is hugely helpful, but this is the goal that would allow us to keep Mental Health Warriors going, ad free, for a long time. See the text on the right for more details.

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