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Empire Games Online is a team of dedicated people that have been quietly creating, working for and developing online, browser-based animal simulation games for the last 6+ years. With our very first game now live and continually developing, we are looking to expand our funding to enable us to continue not only the development of our current game, but to ensure the continued development of our other projects.

More About Our Games

All of our games are developed by a small, close team of dedicated people and focus primarily on animals. Though they all have a commonality with animals, each has a unique goal to it and looks to improve upon the browser-based sim games as they're currently known.

Equus! - a simple horse sim - Equus! is our first game we've made live. Acquired from the original owner back in August 2017, we have been making huge improvements to what was a very simple game. While the aim of Equus! is still to be a simple, laid-back horse showing and breeding game, we are making updates to add in optional complexity for those players that want it, and to make the game-play success more accessible and rewarding for everyone, regardless of whether or not they are a paying member. You can check out Equus here!

Evolution Sim - a feral feline & canine sim - Evolution Sim, or Evo, as we fondly refer to it, is the game that started it all for us, and has been in development since 2012. While still a sim game, Evo combines a few different aspects of gaming that aren't often seen in the industry. Set in a future where animals were completely banned world-wide many generations prior, you create a persona that you will use to carve an individual and unique gaming experience with the goal of re-domesticating animals once again to help human- and animal-kind. While each user will have their own unique experience, Evo also focuses on a community approach to reaching the many goals within the game. You can find out more about Evolution Sim here!

Become Our Patron!

By joining us on Patreon, you are not only giving us valuable feedback and the ability to gauge the size of our prospective audience, but you will also gain access to:

  • Weekly updates
  • Artwork before it's released, in both concept and finished phases
  • Livestreams of our artist at work
  • Patreon-exclusive in-game rewards
  • First access to games before public release
  • Chances to test out and influence new features before they're released
  • Provide feedback on potential features

Higher tiers will also have chances to:

  • Guaranteed alpha access to unreleased games
  • Receive monthly allowances of premium currency for live games of their choice
  • Be eligible to receive lifetime premium accounts for unreleased games
  • Chances to have their own breed of dog/cat/horse added to either a live or developing game
  • Chances to influence or create in-game items

Please join us on this journey to finally release and continue to develop these amazing games so that they're available for everyone to enjoy. We always welcome feedback, and hope to see you join our growing community!

- Empire Games Online
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Reaching $500 a month will allow us to develop features and other programming aspects more quickly, as well as give our artist more opportunities to take time off of her day job to work exclusively on artwork for us.
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