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My name is Empress Kush.  On top of making fun videos for you to enjoy, such as my internet show "Beer and a Bowl", I also rap, sing, write, and produce my own beats and am currently working on a long-awaited album, slated for release in 2018. 

But I'm not just an entertainer... I am a revolutionary.  I focused on earning billions of dollars with my music and videos, so that I can redirect the vast majority of those funds toward various charitable and philanthropic ventures.  I'm changing the game. 

On tour, we will always stimulate the local economy as much as possible by seeking small businesses for all of our needs.  For example, local merchants will be hired to produce limited edition merchandise, which will be sold only at events in that region.

In addition, 10% of proceeds from each show will be donated to local charities.

I decided to use Patreon to fund my music and videos because of the monthly support feature, which as far as I know is unique to Patreon.

Enough monthly support will allow me to quit my jobs and focus entirely on making music and videos to entertain and inspire you, as well as invest in new music equipment and software.
In return for your ongoing support, you will be granted exclusive access to Patrons-only content and activities, such as my secret social media profiles (coming soon).


1.  Towards finishing my album and recording new music.

2.  To invest in new equipment and music creation software. Currently, I am looking to purchase a new Apple laptop and vital software.

3.  To cover monthly expenses so that I have more time to create music and videos for you to enjoy.

4.  To fund various organizations and causes that I support, such as bringing relief to the homeless (more details below).

1. I believe my mission in life is to tell the raw and uncensored truth about myself and my experiences, to give a voice to the voiceless and let people know that they are not alone in their struggles. Therefore, I believe that my music and videos need to be widely available, and I can only do that with your help.

2. Through the success of my music, I intend to fund as many charitable and philanthropic ventures as possible. My goal is to get to the point where I can give away at least 90% of the after-tax proceeds brought in by my music and merchandise.

3. One of the ways I intend to manifest this goal is by keeping my own living costs low. I see no point in using wealth to acquire opulent earthly symbols of financial success. Rather, I see myself as a wealth distribution hub. Let my financial success become a vehicle for positive, progressive change in the world.

Some Goals:
- Fund community centers in low-income areas, providing education and recreation for both children and adults. These community centers broaden participant's exposure to arts, sports, sciences and business training as well as giving young people vital training on how to be responsible and successful in the adult world.
- Care for the homeless population by providing clothing and shoes, blankets, personal hygiene kits, food and water, and inspirational materials.
- Finance the building and maintenance of schools anywhere it is needed.
- Always open to suggestions!

There are no limits to the possibilities of what we can accomplish together. I seek to unite people from all walks of life as citizens of the Empire of Kush. In this unity, we can pool our resources to provide inspiration and assistance to those who need it most. You are not just Minions, you are members of a global movement to restructure society within a culture of Peace, Love, Unity, Respect and Responsibility.
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$1000 guarantees Empress Kush the ability to have weekly recording sessions so that she can keep spitting fresh rhymes over 100% original beats.
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