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Ena Esco, creator and host of Verbally Effective, is a 19-year radio veteran who has a passion for all things media related. Currently broadcasting on iHeartMedia's V101.1FM (KJMS), Ena has worked in various roles such as producer, voice-over talent, morning show co-host, mid-day and weekend talent. Ena also holds her MBA and has worked in Corporate America in planning, procurement and marketing. Her brainchild, Verbally Effective, is a podcast she began in January of 2018.  She has since added a team that consists of creative director Jeremy Pride and producer Dr. SunAh Laybourn. With over 75 episodes streaming and 2 live podcast shows under her belt, the podcast is growing astronomically.

Verbally Effective with Ena Esco is an interview-style podcast that intersects art, culture, politics and entertainment with a Memphis focus. Each week your host, Ena Esco, is joined by a featured artist, entertainer, elected official, or young professional with roots in Memphis. Verbally Effective delves into each guest’s personal journey to uncover the incredible stories fueling their purpose, the highs and lows of their pursuits, and how through their passion they are moving the culture forward. By supporting this podcast, you can assist Ena with building her brand through multimedia avenues.

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When I reach 500 patrons, I will take the Verbally Effective Podcast on the road domestically.  Cities in mind include Nashville, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles and New York!
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