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This reward grants you access to a monthly video series I will be doing for patrons only, as well as I will send you a schedule of all of the videos I plan on doing on my channel in the coming months. Also you get access to pre-release of videos I release earlier exclusively for my patrons. In addition you will be able to participate in patreon only polls to determine which Star Trek episode I will review next.

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For this Tier patrons will gain all the benefits from the $1 Tier, in addition, Patrons con leave comments on upcoming Reviews that I will read in the video itself

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This Tier has all the benefits of the $1 and $5 Tiers, In addition you will have the option of requesting a video for me to do on my channel. As long as this request meets my conditions (i.e. is relevant to the content I cover on my channel) I will do the video before the end of the month




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About Enchantment of Eternity

Hi there, this is Marc from Enchantment of Eternity, I thought I'd go on patreon for any loyal viewers who enjoy my content would like to have a hand in helping me create, because time = money, ie the more you contribute the less I have to work to get by, and the more time I can spend making the quality videos that I hope you enjoy. Thank you in advance for your support

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