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is creating video game and tech journalism
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About Alex Kane

As a staff writer at Kill Screen Media's The Meta, I write about the human stories behind competitive gaming. I've also spent the past few months reporting on the state of game development and virtual reality. I care deeply about the role of play in our lives, and with your support, I can tell more of these kinds of stories on my new blog, Endpoem.

Alex Kane is the managing editor of the Critical Press, a publisher of books on film and culture, as well as an executive producer of the Star Wars documentary The Prequels Strike Back. A graduate of the 2013 Clarion West Writers Workshop, his fiction has appeared in more than a dozen venues, including the Exigencies anthology from Dark House Press; he is also the writer of the creator-owned comic Asphodel. His nonfiction has been published in Kill ScreenUploadVR, Versions, The MetaFoundation, The New York Review of Science Fiction, SF Signal, and Omni, among other places. He lives and writes in west-central Illinois.
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