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  • You'll get access to the Patron-only activity feed, where we'll share exclusive behind-the-scenes content and updates about what we're working on.
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Submit an album or EP you're a fan off to review to our Patreon-exclusive mailbox—we'll choose two smaller bands and one larger band each month to include in our next issue. You will also be mentioned as contributor to the review! 

  • You'll get access to the Patron-only activity feed, where we'll share exclusive behind-the-scenes content and updates about what we're working on.
  • You will receive our custom one-page newsletter to keep you updated once every while. We here at Endurance aren't a fan of spam either but keep an eye out, it'll contain plenty of cool stuff!
  • You will be able to submit your favorite bands to be featured in our magazines!
  • Your name will be put on our list of Patreons at the end of each issue! 

Note: Bands themselves can always send their music to [email protected] for a potential review. We do not charge bands for a review.
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You are free to suggest bands for us to check out, festivals you would like to see us cover, pitch some of your own ideas about the zine, ... . 
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About Endurance Zine

We are the first digital interactive browser based zine for alternative music.
We create interactive & modern magazines that fit the 21st century.
All-accessible on pc, mobile & tablet. 

When we first started Endurance Zine in 2013, we would've never imagined we'd come this far. As a small DIY music & lifestyle magazine, we found Readymag, an online magazine platform, which has helped us achieve exactly what we wanted to, but now it's time to take it to the next step.

We've reached a critical point where we've gotten big enough be noticed but we need your help to keep going. Over the last three years, I've personally put around €6000 in Endurance Zine, and that's just me, our over 20 voluntary contributors have paid for their own travel expenses, tickets, equipment and everything else helping to fill in content ranging from music reviews, interviews,photography, columns, articles & more! If we are to continue, we need backing but we want to remain independent and don't like sticking ads on everything. I'm even getting back into college to study Image & Media Tech, with the intention to learn as much there is and to re-invent the way we look at digital magazines and zine culture! 

We would love to be able to continue creating our zines under the support of the music community and fans. So all of our zines will continue to be FREE.


  • We need your backing to continue making our zines as paying out of our own pocket isn't an option at this stage and time. 

  • We want to remain independent and free. No ads, no paywall. 

  • We want to continue to improve not just our quality of content but also improve our quantity. This means more reviews, more videos, music, ... but that also means investing and upgrading our equipment, which is costly.

  • We want to continue to support and promote not just the music but also the lifestyle around it. Help small businesses, promote independent labels, etc. gain a platform that easily spreads throughout a global and active community.



We don't need people to pay much, just $1/month, that's literally a can of soda, be it Pepsi, Coca-Cola or Ice-Tea. That's as cheap as it gets! If you drink ONE soda less per month and support us instead, that means we can continue to make zines like these, and not just that, with enough people supporting us, we can do so much more!

We're independent, we're free and we're out there making sure we spread the music not everyone knows, but everyone deserves to know. 



Feel free to contact us any time on Facebook and Twitter or send us an e-mail at [email protected]

Thank you for taking your time checking out our zines and this Patreon campaign! 

Endurance Zine Founder


What is it we do exactly?

Well, with it' s main focus on music, Endurance Zine provides coverage, promotion and exposure to bands both local and global, small time newcomers and bigger known bands. Furthermore, we aspire to voice those who work behind the stage. Our "Behind The Music" gives a platform to those behind the stage, including promoters, sound technicians, tour managers but also artists and others involved within the industry. We really want to continue doing this and bring out more than just music reviews. We want to show the lifestyle that goals along with all different kinds of alternative music! Our secondary goal is to promote and expose social awareness, culture, art and other projects involved with or based within the music industry. This comes down to a variety of projects, companies, organizations, etc. with whom we work or collaborate.

Over the last two years we've managed to fulfill (and will keep doing so in the future) that goal by the publication of music reviews and live event reviews. Covering festivals such as Groezrock, Warped Tour, PRH, ... interviewing bands (incl. Less Than Jake, John Coffey...), promoting events (such as BMTH's That's The Spirit Release), promoting tattoo artists like Sivanski and Snip Art (Robbin Snip), and shooting shows. Furthermore we also publish articles and opinion pieces on several events and issues within the music scene. We offer a look behind the scenes!

So why go digital? Why Readymag?

At the time of writing we're halfway 2016 and yet most media and publications still use old fashioned and outdated websites and layouts. Yes, we've gotten embedded music streams and YouTube videos. And yes, most websites do have social media icons and twitter feeds. But they're almost always just embedded within a boring, plain layout. We want to bring magazines, and especially zine culture back, and not just back, we want to launch it into the 21st century. The possibilities are endless! Why keep the bland white or grey backgrounds when you can get that magazine look in a browser, not just a pdf or mobi file?

We try to come up with the best possible layout and design with each new zine we publish. We've learned a ton during these last two years and still are. In fact, I think we'll never stop learning or evolving, let alone improving our issues! That's why we're making Patreon! To keep improving and evolving as to provide the best possible experience to our readers. To make sure zines can become popular again and create a platform for exposing the music that we all deserve, but don't often find.

Let's work with animations and gifs, let's work with icons and slideshows incorporated within the design of our pages, make interactive design possible. You see a review, click or hover on the icon next to it and get the band's setlist for that night. Click or hover on another one and you'll get their line-up, with names and instruments popping up just as easy. 

We follow a "less is more" when it comes to the aesthetic part of our magazines, but don't be fooled, you'll be able to find everything you need to know, and if not, give us feedback and who know's, your idea might be incorporated next!

Because it's not just about the big bands, it's about the music, and the people behind the music. 

We here at Endurance try to go for a diverse approach when covering the alternative music scenes. Putting bands, no matter their following and from all over the world next to each other, giving a platform to the people working behind the scenes as well as mixing things up with lifestyle elements, activism, opinion pieces, columns, etcetera.

So how do we do this? -

Well, by working together with a variety of bands, PR companies, bookers, promoters, record labels and people with a similar link to the industry. This includes promoting and exposing certain businesses such as record stores, tattoo artists, visual performers, graffiti artists, etc... that fit within the lifestyle element of our zine.

This is most emphasised by our Behind The Music part of our publications. With each zine we publish, the list grows longer. Ranging from an open letter to the music scene, a column by an audio engineer on his band's past experiences with externals, an opinion piece on why "coding is punk", and soforth. We provide a platform to voice the thoughts and experiences from the people who work within and behind the (alternative) music scene.

Recently, we've added a new feature titled GRRRL Talk. As the name suggests, it's a rrriot-like column written by Jordyn L. Corner. Jordyn will focus on pointing out, discussing and providing information about various social (justice) issues within the music scene.

Feel free to contact us any time on Facebook and Twitter or by sending us an e-mail at [email protected]
$1 of $100 per month
If we reach this amount of pledging it will enable us to cover our subscription and server costs which would be a huge financial relief for us as everything so far is being paid out of our own pockets. This is one of the reasons we've started this Patreon and you can be the one that helps us achieve this goal!

If just a 100 people can pledge $1/month we'll be able to achieve this goal! 
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