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Be a part of the development discussion! I am planning to revive the old eressea-kom mailing list where we used to talk about development and everyone aired their own ideas for the game. We closed the list because it became far too busy, but I'm willing to give it another shot.




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About Enno Rehling

Over the years, the play-by-email games Eressea and Atlantis have turned into my main hobby, far ahead of playing video games, reading books, or watching TV and movies. At the same time, the community of players has become a group I consider friends, and their participation in the development of the game is important to me.

Even though the development work is basically free, there are a number of expenses that I have been paying out of my own pocket: Hosting fees, domain registration costs, computer hardware and software, and the occasional game conference attendance all add up.

Starting in 2014, I have invested more heavily into Eressea to create more games for more players. Please help me with that, and take a moment to become a patron of the game by agreeing to make a small monthly donation.

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In 20 years, the longest rollback we've had to live with was three turns, and that was because of a programming bug. I've survived a number of other near-fatalities due to good backup routines. My cloud backup solution currently costs me $5 per month.
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