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-For $1 a month you will get access to my Patreon activity feed where you can see early announcements, upcoming projects, and discussions.

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-For $3 a month you get access to exclusive content uploaded to the Patron Activity Feed. This can range from behind-the-scenes pictures, any DIY projects, computer builds, family stuff, etc. and I will post these to the $3+ feed.
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About Entak

My History:
Hey guys, my name is Entak, and since December 2012 I have been making various gaming videos on My Youtube Channel in hopes to provide a family friendly environment with the idea to provide clean content that is both fun and exciting to watch. My desire has been to form a community that is welcoming to all, helpful, and a great community to be a part of. Several years later and the community is still growing! I am amazed by all of the awesome support and friends I have come to make on Youtube.

Thanks to the dedicated community on my channel as well as my wife, family, and insomnia, I am close to turning this awesome hobby into a career. Patreon will hopefully become a stepping stone to launching this into a full time career as a content creator. How does this help you? I will be able to have more time to release high-quality videos for all your favorite games!  

Why do I need your help?
I am trying my hardest to turn Youtube and Twitch into a full time job. I currently work another job as a full time computer administrator. Given I basically work two full time jobs with Youtube and my other job, I am working roughly 60+ hours a week splitting my time between the two jobs, which can be very challenging to balance my time between them and making sure I have enough time to spend with my family. My dream and goal is to become a full time Youtuber and Twitch streamer.

When I am able to do nothing but Youtube and Twitch, I will have more time to produce longer, higher-quality, better edited videos of your favorite games with more games to come. By becoming a patron with a monthly pledge, you will be helping me to bridge the gap between what I need financially to become a full-time content creator, help pay off those pesky student loans, and provide stability during the inconsistent times that Youtube sometimes presents revenue-wise. You would be giving me the ability to bring new, exciting, and higher quality content every single day as well as stream more often on Twitch. 

Check out the Milestone Goals on the left to see what things you could potentially help me with and the new projects I could start with the combined pledges here on Patreon.

Patron Rewards
To become a Patron, you can pledge any of the amounts you would like below. As a way to give back to you, I will be giving special rewards that are listed below. This is a direct way to help support me, my family, and my channel.

Even if you do not support me on Patreon, thank you for what you do. My Youtube channel will remain a place you can go to for entertainment and a friendly community. If you do support me, thank you very much and I appreciate the kindness you are extending to me.

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