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About Enticing Conversations

I started a blog about gender where I write what I think gender is and about my personal life I also post short stories on the blog located here. The Blog has undergone a change in direction as I want to get other authors/contributors to the blog as a means of keeping the conversation going and for using on the web talk show for the hosts to discuss and share their opinions on as well as the viewers to discuss in the comment section of the video. If you would like to be a contributor either donate or email me on the blog contact page.   

The reason you should pledge to me is because I want to do more than just blog I want to start a community of people from all walks of life either Liberal or Conservative and Religious or Secular. The point of the blog is to bring different views together for everyone to read. I also want to start a live show with four hosts and sometimes myself on air, but mostly it will just be the four hosts who I choose from people who apply or people who donate on the last tier of donations only four will be entered in for donating with that tier.
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I will create a behind the scenes videos on the blog after I give the blog a dedicated web address, so instead of enticingconversations.wordpress.com it would be http://enticingconversations.com if it is available as a domain name, and if it's not available it will be something close to it.

Many of the videos will be on Vimeo as there are controversies around YouTube concerning Ads running on videos so I want to build something that is complete independent of YouTube.  
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts