is creating weekly videos spotlighting queer/POC/women in video games

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About Envi0us Gaming

Hihi! I’m Envi.

I'm a trans nonbinary (they/them) gamer and artist. I stream video games with meaningful representation of trans/queer/poc/female folx in their protagonists, narratives, and/or development team. I'm also interested in narratives about mental/chronic illness and health, trauma and abuse, & civil liberties.

What is Envi0us Gaming?

I started Envi0us Gaming because I was tired of watching all of those white/cis/male people’s streams and being thoroughly unimpressed at how mediocre they were as people (even if they are skilled as gamers). If you’ve been on Twitch, you know what I mean; the subtle, suffocating, ubiquitous racism, sexism, and queerphobia compounded by vulgarity and violence—both in the chat room and on stream.

So I made this channel with a simple aim of existing visibly in the world of online gaming as a qtpoc. And while I’m at it, I want to explore rare and awesome representations of queer, poc, or female characters in video games. I also want to champion and support game developers who are queer, poc, or female.

Other goals of this channel include creating a comfortable and safe(r) space for other qtpoc gamers to geek out and play, creating an archive of videos on queer/poc/female-centered games, and critiquing problematic aspects of video games and the gaming industry. Thanks to my Patrons here, I've been able to buy better recording equipment so that I can bring guest gamers onto my channel, so that's become a big goal for me as well: showcasing a diverse cast of faces and gender expressions live on stream. (Check out my milestones on the left sidebar for other things you could help me work towards!)


Twitch Stream
Every Thursday at 8:30pm (CST), I stream a new, different game. Check my channel for upcoming and current games!

Video Recaps
I know not everyone can watch my streams live. I edit and cut recap videos of my streams for a short, fun summary of my playthroughs! 

Reviews and Writing
I love writing and talking about video games. I write critical reviews of the games I play, the importance of its themes, and the significance and impact its had on me. 

Steam Curator
Wanna know my concise thoughts on games w/ diverse representation right in your Steam store? Follow my Curator List!

Image Sets
If you're looking for some pretty pixels, check out the image sets I make for each game I play.

Criteria for Games

I choose the games I play on stream loosely based on fitting one or more of these criteria:
  • Protagonist is not a white cis hetero able-bodied male character
  • Representation of Women, PoC, and/or queer people
  • Development team is not largely white and male
  • Discusses important & urgent themes
  • Not exceedingly violent
I am always looking for recommendations of awesome games, indie developers, and other streamers or content creators! If any come to mind, tell me right away!


Thank you so much for reading my words and checking out my work. Supporting this channel means supporting indie games, indie developers, and diverse media while simultaneously uplifting my work as a queer, trans, Asian American writer, creator, and gamer!

If you're not able to donate money directly, a great way to support me for free is to follow me on Tumblr, YoutubeTwitter, and Twitch. Thank you! 

All donations will go towards the channel.
  • Paying full price for indie games as often as possible
  • Streaming equipment
  • Video editing & streaming software
Patron support would feel both immensely validating and empowering, allowing me to grow this channel and making it more sustainable for me!

One time donations are also greatly appreciated: paypal.me/enviplaysgames

$40 of $50 per month
Official Envi0us Gaming Merch~
I want to order official stickers for Envi0us Gaming! These would be available as a reward for Patreon supporters (a free sticker for ALL patrons at the month this goal is achieved!), in giveaways, and at events!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 36 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 36 exclusive posts
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