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About EP Danis

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The Short Version

Become a patron today to get early-access to monthly textual and audio content set in an epic science fictional world, plus swag out the wazoo; don't become a patron and still get that same content, minus the swag, one month later.

What is Cycles of Orion?

Cycles of Orion is a four (maybe more) part epic science fiction series set in the parallel world of the Orion Spur. The Earth is lost, terraforming Mars will take a millennium, and with the advent of warp drive, humanity looks to the stars for a new home. Centuries later, the Remanime Federation spans the length of the Orion Spur and more, representing dozens of worlds and a handful of human sub-species. But toward the galactic core, Arcadia—vast, powerful Arcadia—has stepped out from under its veil of silence, disrupting the balance of power on the Spur and threatening to destabilize what seems like sentient life's only chance at free and fair galactic civilization.

Each volume of Cycles of Orion is a self-contained concept. The themes, plot, and structure of each are tailored to represent an axiomatic idea in both form and content. Obsession, addiction, happiness, the role of intentions, and the nature of reality itself open themselves for your consideration, and compel you to see the world in which you live a little differently. And who knows; you might have a whole lot of fun along the way.

Prelude to Cycles of Orion, Volume One: Fire in the Dark

I woke up and I found myself in here. Behind this page, inside this brick. You’re holding what passes for me these days. I don’t even know which days these are. Well, I hope it’s nice to meet you. Really do. I hope your hands are clean. I say I hope because I have no way of knowing. No way of knowing, or seeing—wait now, that’s not all true. I can see... forms. No not forms but, images. Rough and loose. Something like abstractions, or impressions on a theme.

Whatever it is, it’s big. There’s a whole world in here. The problem is the brick can’t talk to you. Not directly. All I’ve got are these marks.These clumsy veins. Cracks. There’s no way I can tell you everything. Not only would it take forever but you’d be bored most of the time. A lot of nothing goes on in here. Still, it’s a shame that you can’t ask, because sometimes I feel like these cracks are all I am. I’m down here, in the brick, barely leaking through enough to catch your attention, and even then only when you so choose. And why should you choose? This is just a page to you, and so far it’s turned out to be rather silly—all this cryptic self-reflection and shit. Sounds like a child found a thesaurus. And I’m afraid it doesn’t get any better.

But this is the way it always happens. I always talk like this. Read that bit again; you’ll see what I’m talking about. See, I never change. I’m rather dead, really. Not dead-dead you understand, but not exactly alive—not in-myself. My life is somewhere between this brick and your brain, just like your life is somewhere between your body and your mind. And I, like your little trickle of life, need to be seen to really exist. I need to be heard.

There’s nothing to me unless I’m detected; I may as well be pulp if I’m not seen. There’s nothing about me unless I’m observed, and that’s what you’re doing now. As for understanding, well, that’s gravy; if you can convince yourself that I was once a human being, than maybe you can help me convince myself.

You know, I said that there’s a whole world in here, and I meant it. It’s so big I can’t even comprehend. From what I can tell, it has rules — for example, I can’t make anything, or make anything happen. I thought I could at first. I thought I was a god; how vain of me. I’m just as much a passenger as you are. I’m just as much a character as Rebecca, or Jacob, or :, or Sked. You’ll meet them soon—I’ll see to it—but when we get there just know that even I can’t tell who really pulls the strings. Or maybe if the strings pull all on their own. Point is, the events contained within these pages cannot be stopped, no matter how extravagant or mediocre they may be. The only thing I do is direct your attention, maybe fill in some gaps. The cracks help with that. So far, they’re the only way I know how to do it. But I’m working on that. Soon enough, we won’t need cracks at all. Soon, I’ll be coming at you like a flood.

Who I Am

Hi, I'm Eric Danis, and I've been working on the Cycles of Orion universe for twelve years now. Then five years ago, I started work on the first draft of a novel that would expand into four volumes. Now the first volume is due for release this autumn and the second is underway, likely to be completed by next year.

In my less than literary life, I live in Vancouver, Canada, teaching English (I said less literary, didn't I?) and selling my skills to the internet (which is to say, I freelance). I also juggle—poorly—and have a fuzzy orange friend. But mostly, I spend my time on the Orion Spur, and I'd like you to come along with me.

What You Get for Your Patronage

Like most artists here on Patreon, your pledge will get you content. Oh, so much content. Primarily this will come to you in the form of new chapters which I'll release to the public every month on my website. Patrons will get one-month of early access to these chapters, and also any other content I release that month. Anyone who pledges $10 and over also get access to an audio-series that I'm working on getting off the ground. It'll be somewhere between a podcast and an audiobook, and I'm looking to collaborate with some cool people. So far it's only on the drawing board, but with the people I've got helping me out, that won't be for long. I'll keep you posted.

If you pledge into an even higher tier, you'll get access to the novels, four in total (for now at least), released over the next (hopefully) five years. The physical copies have three major advantages:

1) they look cool,
2) they smell like books, and 
3) they don't shine bright lights in your eyes.

If none of that sounds appealing to you, consider the audiobooks, which will be released after each new volume. And on top of all that, I've got maps, posters, shirts, mugs, concept art, notes on notes on notes, possible storylines, alternate storylines, et cetera. You want to know the maths behind that few lines of dialogue about warp drive? You got it. You want to know the orbital pattern and planetary composition of Gemini I and II? All yours. You want so many t-shirts you look spherical? I'll buy in bulk just for you. I love to share this world with people, and my patrons will get direct access, should they so choose.

Thank You

I am eternally grateful that you've read this far and considered—even for a moment—becoming a patron. You are the reason I write; I want to share the world I've lived in for the past decade with all of you, and you are now giving me the chance to do that.
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