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Hello! I'm Evelyn and am on my senior year of high school and my prom is around the corner (pretty much I have 2 and a half months left) So, aside from the ceremony and the prom dance, in order to celebrate seniors from graduating, my school as many others has planned a trip to Grad Nite on Disney and I'm excited being able going. But it'll be kinda difficult because of the pricing of all of this prom situation here; we all know these are a little (too much) pricey, besides the teacher isn't organized so it's a mess and she hasn't told us about a deadline for the total payoff or so, but only that we have to reserve seats on the bus as soon as possible and that the trip day will be on May 16th, and it's very soon! 
So, I had no choice but exploit my art skills and opening up commissions and give rewards here on Patreon as my last minute chance to raise all the money I can before it's too late! 
Would be veeeeryy grateful and I'd appreciate even the minimum help and support y'all give to me. I hope the rewards will be from your liking; they're my gifts to demonstrate all my gratitude and love for y'all!! <3
if you're interested about the commissions, check my instagram where I have all the commission info: @e-phan-tomhive <3
Thanks for everything.
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