David Schlough (Epic42/E_TernalShadows)

is creating Writing gaming streams and Tabletop games.
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About David Schlough (Epic42/E_TernalShadows)

A greeting: Hello, welcome to my Patreon page. I'm David, though you probably know me by my other monikers such as E or Epic42 or Epicwriter42. This is the spot where I thank all those that have supported me so far, and try and persuade the rest of you into joining into at least giving me a dollar a month (Unless Patreon changes occur in which case you'll see those in the description.)

Why should you pledge?: Because for 1 dollar a month you help keep this channel from going the way of the Dodo or the Sharovipteryx.

What will I use the money for?: Streaming wise it will be used for my FFXIV sub, my credit card payment for my computer, to help make more merch as well as make the channel a more entertaining place. Writing wise, a lot of flipping things because you have to spend a good like few hundred dollars to flipping get a book professionally out through Self Publishing.

What perks are there?: Well for 1 dollar, you can join my streaming discord. Other than that, send me suggestions. You can send them to my Twitter @ https://twitter.com/E_ternalShadows

Anyways, a reminder that even if you don't pledge, if you're just looking around and decide I'm not worth it. I still thank you for making time to read this and hope you find something soon.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts