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About Epicocity

My goal as a writer is to create engaging stories from many genres that many people can enjoy, from action to mystery to romance. I've started with writing fanfiction here. I am also writing original fiction. I also really like nurturing and helping new writers that have a gift and great potential!

Why use Patreon?
Right now, I'm really trying to be a professional, well-known writer. For the foreseeable future, though...well, that hasn't worked out. I'd like to use Patreon to support me, not only for less worries on my plate but to help interact with my fans even more and help push me further into the role of a better writer.

What's your general schedule? Why should I support you?
I generally can write quickly, to the point of a chapter every other day depending on the chapter, but it makes makes my edit process slow a bit. I really love writing and crafting these worlds or building them. It's great fun, especially to weave a theme into every one of my works. I'd love support to keep up this pace and give me encouragement for my future works, ensuring a consistent level of quality.

Anything else to share?
For my patrons I'd love to provide lots of little things, from conceptual ideas for my stories, to outlines, summaries, even early (if unedited) chapters! On top of that, I'd like to share some blog posts that I may not quite make public right away, or even writing tips and little lessons for those who want them.

I really hope I can prove myself a writer worthy of your support!

Dare to Be Silly,
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Covers a lot of expenditures I make in a month, which would at least alleviate some burdens off of me.
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