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Creation, Vision, Future, Empathy, Catalyst.
Using art as a medium; People will see the world through a variety of lens; and be able to become more empathic and open to their relationships with each other and nature. People will be inspired to be connected to their own inner source of creation. While sparking a desire to explore and challenge their own thoughts and feelings.
To deliver an interesting and unique visuals that will:
To Spark:
  • Impact an individual’s feelings.
  • Compel an individual to question meaning.
  • Allow an induvial to find their own meaning and interpretation.
  • Encourage curiosity and inspire individuals to create.
To Challenge:
  • Beliefs of what indigenous art is supposed to be.
  • Mainstream status quo.
  • My own skills and abilities.
  • My own worldview.
To Interpret:
  • The spiritual and contemporary meaning of being a woman.
  • The stories that impact indigenous people.
  • Justice and social wellbeing.
  • Spiritual symbolism.
Artistic Approach:
Art is a medium for me to communicate my inner most thoughts, beliefs passions and desires. When I create, I am intuitive and soulful in my creation. For me art is a spiritual experience, and I feel at times that I only act as a vessel to a greater creative force. When I pick up a medium and start creating I get lost in space and time, I feel a variety of emotions, I sing, dance cry and get angry while I create. At times I am never overly certain what the final product will be. But get excited when new ideas flow out of me with ease.
I use a lot of symbolism of my culture and gender in my work. I am an Indigenous woman from the Woodland Cree, mixed with an ancestry of European fur traders of Scottish and French origin, I am also second generation Swedish, my grandfather a Swedish immigrant. Because of my diverse lineage, I find its is difficult to box myself into a specific style or genre of art. My interests reach beyond one style and culture.
Epitomic Harmony is my internet handle, I selected this pseudo name because it is a description of what I strive to do everyday…. be the best example of myself- Be the epitome of harmony. Having the name harmony has not only got me teased as a child, but it has become the core of who I am and my values. I seek balance and flow that is relevant to the current situation I am a believer of boundaries but know that it is equally important to push them, its important to question, experiment, explore, resist, and rebel, and have it brings us back to centre; back to balance.
You will find in my art there is an element of flow, symmetry, and balance in the usage of colour. There is a tension of rawness, that is natural and surging from the conformity of the smooth lines in my work. You will also notice movement, and energy in my work. When one gazes on it, it will take their eye round and round, getting lost in the movement of colour. I work primarily in acrylic but would like to expand into oil and mixed media. I am exploring several different mediums. I am self taught, and learn by trial and error, and experimentation. This is method is imperative to my creative process, and gives me the opportunity to challenge and push boundaries.
Current Series:
• Tree People Series: This is my signature series, I have approximately, 15 completed pieces in this series and still growing. This series is the primary series where I explore and interpret personal reflection, and my position in the modern-day Canada as a woman.
• Nehithawewin Series: This series is also another on going series, It is reflective of the traditional teachings given to me by my Cree heritage.
Thank you for taking the time to like my page, and share your experiences with me. Its YOUR comments, likes and thoughts that help me be more creative.

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